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Hearthstone’s new “Welcome Bundle” available now!

- September 21, 2016

#Blizzard #Hearthstone #mYinsanity

They are introducing the Welcome Bundle, a bundle that will cost $4,99 and will get you 10 Classic Hearthstone packs and 1 random class Legendary card. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get a kickstart and start gathering...
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Syndicate Preview and Storylines

- September 8, 2016

#ESports #Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Syndicate is the result of the collaboration between GGWP and Avalon. It is the largest tournament in Dutch history boasting 500+ entrants, with 209 Melee singles entrants and 130 team entrants. Top players such as, [A]rmada, G2|Westballz, Ice, vWs|Professor Pro,...
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Ice departs mYinsanity

- September 6, 2016

#Announcements #ESports #Melee #mYinsanity #Smash #Super Smash Bros. #Teams

One year ago, mYinsanity expanded for the first time into the Smash scene. Playing in almost twenty live events in the past twelve months representing mYinsanity, Ice brought much success to our team with multiple Top 3 finishes in both 1v1...
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Breathing Life: An Overview of Commentary in Smash

- September 2, 2016

#ESports #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Ever since sports broadcasting has existed, sports commentary has existed. The amount of technical information and sports mentality requires translation to a wider audience. This is provided by commentators. It is unthinkable to watch a boxing or tennis match without...
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