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Europe’s Best: Trifasia the “Drugged Peach”

- October 16, 2016

#Interview #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Welcome to mYinsanity’s second entry in Europe’s Best series! This series aims to inform more people of the story-filled pasts, current plans, and opinions of top European Melee players. I am happy to welcome Alvaro Garcia “Heir|Trifasia” Moral as our second...
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Terran 101: A Guide To Improve With

- October 12, 2016

#Blizzard #Guide #Starcraft 2 #Strategy

Terran 101: How To start out with Terran in Legacy of The Void Legacy of the void has brought about some very big changes to the Starcraft 2 landscape. New units for each race, new tactics and changes on build orders all due...
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Create mYinsanity’s new slogan and win!

- October 10, 2016

#Announcements #G2A #mYinsanity

Running from October 10th to the 17th, we will be accepting suggestions for our new slogan! Similar to Evil Genuises "Bleed Blue", we are looking for something that clearly states what it means to be a fan of mYinsanity which...
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The Big House 6 Tournament Preview

- October 6, 2016

#Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

“The best grassroots tournament series ever” – Hungrybox “If you had to go to one tournament next year make it Big House” – Armada Big House 6 is finally here! It is undoubtedly one of the best run tournaments in smash from...
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