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Up Front with Ravi “feardragon” Pareek

- March 25, 2015

#Featured #Interview #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

Meet Ravi "feardragon" Pareek, a man who has spent over a year and a half trying desperately to bring respect and appreciation to the North American scene in StarCraft 2 through a show he has created entitled "Breaking Out". The show...
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HearthStone – How new players can earn gold and acquire cards for free!

- March 9, 2015

#Hearthstone #mYinsanity

Coming into HearthStone today as a new player on a budget can be a scary task.  There are 472 cards included in the original game, 35 cards included with the "Naxxramas" adventure, 143 cards included in the "Goblins Vs Gnomes" expansion and another 31 cards...
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mYinsanity defeats Yoe Flash Wolves!

- March 8, 2015

#mYinsanity #Recap #Starcraft 2

This week’s clanwar showmatch was nothing short of intense.  YoeFlashWolves, a Taiwanese based eSports Team, gave mYinsanity a run for their money.  A very close series that came down to the thread, no one could have guessed who was going...
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mYinsanity are the RSTL Season 7 Champions!

- March 6, 2015

#mYinsanity #Recap #Starcraft 2

After a long and arduous journey through the regular season that saw them finishing with a 5W-2L record, mYinsanity are the RSTL Season 7 champions today winning 5:4 over Cascade Gaming who had gone undefeated coming into the finals.  It was just a month...
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