mYinsanity welcomes Arium

Since mYinsanity’s rise to popularity, we have held a reputation for picking up talented up and coming players and giving them an ideal environment to excel. With that in mind, there seems nobody better to bolster the ranks of our team than the 14 year old Protoss prodigy hailing from America: Samson "Arium" Nazaryan Arium has been showing some great results recently,...

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Adrian Gerber- July 26, 2014

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mYinsanity and Logitech G team up!

We at mYinsanity are happy to announce our new sponsor Logitech G, the leading innovator of gaming hardware. As a team based in Switzerland, we were always looking towards local companies for sponsorships first. With Logitech G we are delighted to have second Swiss company to represent. For our first cooperation, we have created a raffle for all the Logitech G and mYinsanity fans...

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Dominique Hostettler- June 5, 2014

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mYinsanity Signs Former SK Telecom T1 Zerg, Sacsri!

mYinsanity is pleased to announce the latest acquisition to our Starcraft 2 roster, Lee “Sacsri” Yeh Hoon! We’ve wanted to add a Korean Zerg player to our roster for some time, and have finally found someone who we deem to be a perfect fit to join our family. While Sacsri may be a bit of an unknown to many Starcraft 2 fans,...

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Dominique Hostettler- May 29, 2014

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Interview with mYinsanity’s CEO Cedric “Schloc” Schlosser

As some of you might've read, we recently had John "JoRoSaR" Sargent in our Gaming House, as he had offered to produce some video content. It took us a while, but we're finally ready to announce the release of our first Video produced during his stay, which is one of many to be released. In this Video, JoRoSaR Interviews Cedric Schlosser who...

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Dominique Hostettler- April 28, 2014

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