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Introducing the mYinsanity Editorial Team!

- March 3, 2015

#Announcements #mYinsanity #Teams

In early February, I was awarded the opportunity to become mYinsanity's new Editor in Chief.  It has been an exciting few weeks since then, as I have been moving towards providing high quality, consistent content for fans of our team and...
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“Fight Night #8″ March 1st, 2015 Results

- March 2, 2015

#mYinsanity #Recap #Starcraft 2

If you haven’t been watching Team Gravity’s "Fight Night" on Hitbox.TV, you’ve been missing out.  Leading into the eighth week, Team Gravity have been hosting a weekly event with popular and very high level players.  Each Fight Night includes two preliminary match series (best...
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mYinsanity vs MVP Showmatch

- February 22, 2015

#mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

Let me share the little story of chicken, alcohol and Starcraft 2 with you: Once upon a time, PengWin and Choya were enjoying some fried chicken and perhaps a little bit too much Soju while watching WCS Group D. Amidst joking...
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Writers wanted: StarCraft 2, DOTA2 and HearthStone

- February 11, 2015

#Announcements #DotA 2 #Hearthstone #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

  Ask yourself these three questions - Are you a passionate writer?  Do you love eSports?  Would you like to work with mYinsanity to create meaningful content?  If you answered yes to each of these, you may just be what we are...
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