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We had a little break in our recap since december but now we are back with our recap for january and want to share with you guys whats happened around mYinsanity. We had a very successful start in the new year, our players achieved a lot of outstanding results by our Starcraft 2 squad and also our League of Legends team scored their first international tournament victory.

Back in December

StarDust was able to win his second big tournament during December, the Fragbite Masters.
He beat Alliance’s NaNiwa in the final with a clear 3-0 to take home 12,300$.
In addition to his awesome result, we were able to give away some wonderful prizes to our fans. We hope you’ve had a great start to 2014!

We’ve also reached over 2 000 likes on Facebook aswell as over 1 000 Twitter followers; thank you for your continued support! We will definitely make 2014 a blast and raise the level of european eSport.

mYinsanity mYinsanity

While our players were busy winning their games in Starcraft 2 and League of Legends our management worked hard on the next episode of our lan tournament Eevent which was announced for the 25. – 27. April 2014. Also at the end of the year we were able to give away some very nice presents to you and we would like to thank everybody who participated in our christmas raffle!
Since there were not a lot of tournaments going on in the beginning of January we used the time to show a bit of our beautiful country, Switzerland, to our players:

Kane, jjakji and StarDust @  Mt. Säntis


Starcraft 2 Starcraft 2

IEM Sao Paolo:

For the first time in mYinsanitys history we sent two players overseas to participate in a south american tournament: AbomB and jjakji. While jjakji went in the tournament as a favorite to win the whole thing we also had AbomB who was quite the underdog and had to prove everybody wrong. AbomB was in a group with top north american terran player Major,  korean progamer Bbyong and trOt, coach of the korean progaming team CJ Entus. After losing 0-2 against Major he had to win against both korean players, something no one would expect. However, beating the odds, ABomB pulled through and took down the koreans in some exciting matches. AbomB  finished the tournament in 5th-8th place, definitely showing there’s more to come. Jjakji was forced to face korean legend MC, formerly of SK Gaming, to enter the final. Sadly jjakji felt 1-3 against the “Boss toss” but still finished 3rd/4th place which is a good result for our Korean terran.

Asus ROG Helsinki:

At the same weekend as IEM Sao Paolo we also sent Stardust and Kane to Helsinki to participate in the first Asus ROG tournament of 2014. Asus ROG was Kanes first big tournament appearance in Europe so it was a whole new thing for him, sadly he didn’t managed to get through groupstage one but it was nonetheless a big experience for him and we we’ve seen improvement over the last couple months! Stardust finished the tournament on 3rd/4th placeafter beating players such as  reigning code S champion Dear, San and Taeja in the groupstage but unfortunately lost in the semi final rematch against San, 0-3. Congratulations to StarDust nonetheless!


With StarDust, Jjakji, Kane and Abomb we had four players participating in the first season of WCS 2014. While StarDust is already qualified for Premier Division of the EU WCS, AbomB, Jjakji and Kane had to fight for their spots. Sadly both AbomB and Kane failed to win their matches and will have to re-qualify next season. Jjakjis match against HappyZerg is scheduled for the 6.2.14. Overall mYisanity is currently the team with the second most WCS points worldwide.

Screenshot 2014-02-05 19.30.02

Lock and Load / Personal Gamer:

With the L&L Lanparty in Switzerland and the Personal Gamer tournament our Starcraft 2 players also participated in some smaller but nonetheless important tournaments. Niroxs was able to win the Lock and Load Lanparty while Lions finished second. Our youngest player Reynor finished the Personal Gamer tournament on the second place and secured the first trophy ever on a lanevent for himself, congratulations once more!


League of Legends League of Legends

Lock and Load:

Once more our Swiss League of Legends team managed to grab the first place in a local lantournament continuing their dominance in Switzerland they started in the second half of 2013.

New international League of Legends team:

Alongside our swiss League of Legends players we will soon announce a new lineup consisting of some very great League of Legends players who will represent our organisation in international tournaments such as the German EPS. In the past month our new team has already played in some online tournaments and scored some top3 finishes; more to come very soon!


Whats next Whats next?

– 8. February – EES Teamleague Finals against Mousesports
– 13. – 16. February – IEM Cologne with StarDust and Jjakji.


As always, we’re pleased to hear any feedback from you. Tell us what you want to hear so we can improve day by day.

– Adrian “ScooTer” Gerber

– Remo “rMo” Blaser

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