mYinsanity has it roots in the German and Swiss Counter-Strike:Source and Call of Duty 4 scene. Since 2009, mYinsanity has been working hard to grow and as a result of this a large group of friends have transformed into a professional e-sports team.

Today mYinsanity is known as the best international team from Switzerland supporting teams in StarCraft 2, HearthStone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Heroes of the Storm. The first organization ever to do so, mYinsanity provides a gaming house located in Bern, Switzerland.

Cedric "Schloc" Schlosser
Executive Director


Dominique "doss" Hostettler
General Manager


Mark "Yogmark" Meijdam
StarCraft 2 Team Manager


Sebastian "sebstR" Wollter
CS:GO Team Manager


Florian "Flom" Müller
Heroes of the Storm Team Manager


David "Goregan" Steuck
Video Editor


Adrian "Gundi" Lackner
Graphic Designer


Lindsey "Tris" Getson
Social Media


Dennis "Alexis" Henbo
Social Media


Morgan "Glorfidith" Bird
Social Media


Kim "Elinie" Hyeong-Tae
Social Media


Austin "Verity" Karn
Super Smash Bros. Writer


Tom "Terradin" Peters
StarCraft 2 Writer


Jules "Naldax" Torrion
Heroes of the Storm Writer


Mike "Artherius" Brenner
Heroes of the Storm Writer