Welcome To The Future


It’s been a little over a half year since we introduced the mYinsanity Academy. Since its inception in November, We’ve seen some great progress made by some of our players, and so we have decided to take our academy to the next level. Our intent is to have a strong academy team of players who we firmly believe have the potential to make it as pro-gamers, and to give them an ideal training environment to reach that potential.

Bitter Sweet

Unfortunately, we must start by saying goodbye to some of our teammates. Swiss players LionS and MisterWinter have been removed from the academy roster for inactivity (LionS will remain a member of mYinsanity, albeit a technically “inactive” one). Additionally we part ways with Protoss players Jade and MindBlowing. Both have been valued members of our team and family for a long time, and we wish them all the best in the future.

Calm Before the Storm

But with every ending comes a new beginning, and we are exceedingly proud to welcome our three new academy players to join the existing roster of Jaypower, Reynor, QueenE and Smile.

mYi.Winter (Zerg)


Image from UniSL

Not to be confused with the popular streamer, Swedish Zerg player Winter joins us from team EC Visualize. Winter has always been a friend to mYinsanity and we are thrilled to finally welcome him to the team. Currently sitting on a top 50 Grandmaster spot, Winter regularly competes in Dreamhacks and Swedish tournaments, including the University Star League which he was able to win in its second iteration. While he may still be waiting for his break out performance, we believe it could be just on the horizon.


mYi.Narcotic (Terran)


Image from Vasacast

Joining us from Italy is the mech Terran, Narcotic! Narcotic is another player regularly residing in the upper half of the European Grandmaster ladder. We’ve been wanting another Terran for quite a while but have found it hard to settle on one, so we are very happy to have finally found somebody who we feel will fit into the team exceptionally well. Narcotic made his first premier tournament appearance at Dreamhack Bucharest, and will be playing in Dreamhack Valencia in July.

mYi.Blysk (Protoss)


Image from x5_dot

Rounding out the new academy members is Singaporean Protoss player Blysk! While you may not have heard of him, he is not to be underestimated. He is currently one of the stronger players out of the South East Asian region, and has been quietly crushing his way through the Korean Grandmaster ladder. His first performance for mYinsanity will be at ACL Sydney in July, where he will attempt to qualify for WCS AM Challenger League.
We are extremely excited to see how our new recruits will fare, and look forward to seeing what great things they will achieve!

The full roster of the mYinsanity Academy is now:




Blysk’s Stream

Blysk’s Facebook

Winter’s Stream

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