Alesh at SeatStory Cup III

The past weekend featured the Seat Story Cup by TakeTv, and our Alesh was an invited player to this 32 player tournament.  In group stage one, Alesh drew Xixo, Numberguy, and Forsen in his group.  Alesh had this to say about his group drawing:

“I was hoping to meet NumberGuy in my first group, since I consider him the weakest of them all.  Forsen got a lot better lately and Xixo is one of the best in the world, so I knew it would be hard.  I knew it was possible though.”


Group B (RO32)

Unfortunately, Alesh got placed against Xixo in his first match.  Alesh thought Xixo to be the better player and unfortunately that result held in a 3:0 fashion.

Xixo (Shaman) > Alesh (Druid)

Xixo (Mage) > Alesh (Shaman)

Xixo (Rogue) > Alesh (Mage)


However, that was not the end of the road for our player.  After Forsen was defeated by Numberguy, Alesh was matched up against Forsen in the losers match.  Forsen was favored by most commentators to make it out of the group stages, but Alesh had something else to say about that and knocked Forsen out of the tournament with a 3-1 score line.

Forsen (Warrior) < Alesh (Shaman)

Forsen (Warrior) < Alesh (Hunter)

Forsen (Mage) > Alesh (Druid)

Forsen (Druid) < Alesh (Druid)


In the winner’s match of the group, Xixo beat Numberguy to set up the deciding match between Alesh vs Numberguy.  Alesh felt coming into the group that Numberguy was the weakest player in the group, although Numberguy did beat Forsen.  Alesh proved to be the better player when he knocked Numberguy out of the tournament with a score line of 3-1.

Numberguy (Shaman) < Alesh (Hunter)

Numberguy (Mage) < Alesh (Shaman)

Numberguy (Mage) > Alesh (Druid)

Numberguy (Warlock) < Alesh (Druid)


Winning that match allowed Alesh to advance into the round of 16 group stage matches.  In the round of 16 group, he was placed with Lifecoach, Sjow, and Dzianydruid.  The advantage of the round of 16 is that all players know each other’s deck lists which made Alesh confident about his chances to advance:

“In that group I actually felt pretty confident.  Even though Sjow is a really good player, my line up was really strong against his and also against Szianydruid’s.  I felt like the only one I could lose to was Lifecoach, because our line ups were pretty equal.”


Group C (RO16)

Alesh’s new found confidence came through in his games as he swept his two matches against Dzianydruid and Lifecoach with a combined score of 6-1.

Alesh (Hunter) > Dzianydruid (Druid)

Alesh (Mage) > Dzianydruid (Paladin)

Alesh (Druid) > Dzianydruid (Paladin)


Alesh getting comfortable playing DzianyDruid


Alesh (Mage) < Lifecoach (Warlock)

Alesh (Mage) > Lifecoach (Mage)

Alesh (Hunter) > Lifecoach (Druid)

Alesh (Druid) > Lifecoach (Druid)


Alesh went through the round of 16 with relative ease as most of the casters were blown away by how quick he was able to put down Dzianydruid.  The bracket stage was the next mountain for our player to climb, and he was put up against a brick wall in the first round.  He was placed against Xixo.  The player who gave Alesh the only series loss in the whole tournament and one of the best players in the world according to Alesh.


Quarter Finals

Game one: Alesh played druid against hunter. Druid is not favored against hunter in general. Xixo kept using his face hunter to burst down Alesh’s druid, however he ran out of steam late and Alesh won the first match.

Alesh (Druid) > Xixo (Hunter)


Game 2: Both players picked mech mage and Alesh opened up well with two mechwarpers to open up his curve. However, Xixo picked up an early mirror entity to keep up on the board control and cleared Alesh’s board. Both players continued to trade with each other. Xixo had the interesting late-game tech card Ragnaros in his mech mage that allowed him to do more face damage, and that put the nail in the coffin for game 2.

Alesh (Mage) < Xixo (Mage)


Game 3: In game 3, Alesh decided to go again with his mech mage deck while Xixo queued up his rogue deck. The opening draws gave Xixo two sprints that allowed Alesh to get an early advantage. Unfortunately, Alesh’s piloted shredded gave him Lorewalker Cho which allowed Xixo to flood his hand with spells that he could not use which put Alesh behind. Unfortunately Alesh could not catch up and lost game 3.

Alesh (Mage) < Xixo (Rogue)


Game 4: Alesh picked Shaman and Xixo also picked shaman. However, Xixo played a more mech shaman variety while Alesh played a more anti-aggro shaman. Both players traded evenly up until Xixo played Fel’Reaver which allowed Alesh to make Xixo draw out of all of his cards. It left no cards for Xixo to play to come back.

Alesh (Shaman) > Xixo (Shaman)


Game 5: Alesh picked his demonlock deck against Xixo’s face hunter. The demonlock could not ever establish board control and the face hunter took game 5.

Alesh (Warlock) < Xixo (Hunter)


Game 6: Alesh decided to go again with his demonlock deck and Xixo picked his shaman deck again. Xixo took an early lead and continued to push ahead. However, he made a mistake with his weapon and took 6 extra damage that allowed Alesh to come back from nowhere and take game 6

Alesh (Warlock) > Xixo (Shaman)


Game 7: Alesh’s only deck left was mech mage against Xixo’s mech shaman. The two decks are largely dependent on the early game. Alesh came out of the early game with a lead. However, he had a dead turn on turn 6 that allowed Xixo to take a commanding lead in the game that knocked Alesh out of the tournament.

Alesh (Mage) < Xixo (Shaman)


Alesh had this to say about the tournament and the last game:

“In the last game when the series was tied 3-3 I had some pretty tough draws, and even then I could have still won if my blastmage had hit his correct minion once.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I lost.  I am still pretty happy about my performance though.  I think staying in mYi house helped me a lot to step up my performance and it’s only going to get better.”


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