AqueroN joins mYinsanity!

The Spanish rising young talent becomes part of our already established roster.

We here at mYinsanity have been working hard on our Starcraft II roster in the past months. We have added a proven veteran in Beastyqt, a strong Protoss in ShaDoWn and are happy to announce an up-and-coming Terran in the Starcraft 2 scene, AqueroN. This new talent should strengthen the Starcraft II roster with fresh ideas, great practice and will be given the opportunity to grow as a player.

Join us as we introduce you to AqueroN!


First of all, welcome to mYinsanity! Let’s start out with you introducing yourself for some of the new people in the scene who don’t know you.

Hello and thank you! My name is Rubén Villanueva, my in-game handle is AqueroN. I live in Barcelona, Spain and I am 15 years old. My main race is Terran and my favorite match-up would be Terran versus Zerg. Most of the time I play really aggressive due to it being my preferred style. I based my style on two really defining players for me, ForGG and LucifroN.

How did you pick up StarCraft II in the first place? Did you have experience playing RTS-games before?

I had never played an RTS game before I picked up StarCraft II. I have known LucifroN, VortiX and Ryo since childhood and they encouraged me to pick up the game. Before I ever played RTS, I had only played Guitar Hero on my Xbox, but I did play really well. I think they saw some kind of potential in me and got me into StarCraft II.

You are pretty young, how do you see your own future evolve in the SC2 scene ?

At this moment I’m mostly focused on getting better and better every day.  I play a lot of ladder and train quite a lot. We’ll see what happens in the future, but my biggest ambition would be to win a big tournament.

What are you short term plans for SC2?

Right now, in terms of gameplay, I’m focusing on macro. Due to my aggressive play-style, I don’t offer any breathing space for my opponent, but this tends to lead to my macro being less solid. I’ll forget upgrades, enhancing my infrastructure and stuff like that. Improving in that regard is my current focus and short term goal.

In terms of competition, I’ll be playing a small tournament on November 6th. It’ll be my first tournament under the mYinsanity banner and I hope to do well.

How do you train? Is it mainly with customs and other players, ladder games, …?

My main source of training comes from ladder games. I’ll be trying out new builds I’ve seen on streams or in replays. Sometimes I play custom games with other players, but that’s mostly if I am working on a specific build order for a certain player in a tournament or showmatch.

How have your first experiences been with the team?

The people at mYinsanity have been very friendly and supportive. I also get along well with the other players, so I believe it will be a great experience.

To conclude, would you like to say anything? Any shoutouts?

Firstly, thanks for granting me this interview. Secondly, I’d like to thank the people who are following my eSports trajectory and my improvements. I will do my best to live up to your expectations. I can promise, however, that I’ll try to improve day by day to be the best player I can be.

Furthermore I’d like to thank Logitech, G2A, Bison and eSport Clothing for supporting the mYinsanity team and Starcraft II scene as a whole.

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