Boris "Deathstr0ke" Martinović

I am a DOTA 2 player and enthusiast and I write articles, reports and guides for the mYi page. You can contact/follow me on my social media accounts listed down.

Twitter: @myiDeathstr0ke


Articles from Boris

mYinsanity DotA triumphs at SwitzerLAN


#DotA 2 #SwitzerLAN

Earlier this month, another SwitzerLAN went very successfully for the mYinsanity Swiss Dota 2 team, as they claimed a first place in the Dota 2 LAN event, that took place on 6th-10th October in Bern, Switzerland. We have gone out unbeaten...
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Spring Shuffle: Expect the Unexpected


#Announcements #DotA 2 #ESports #Major #mYinsanity

After the Shanghai Major came the long-awaited roster shuffle. This one is the most significant one yet, because teams that lock their roster now will have that same roster up until the end of the TI6 in August. This scenario created exciting and unexpected roster changes to many of the top-tier teams in competitive Dota 2. In this piece, we'll be bringing you the hottest topic.
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JoinDota Day 1


#DotA 2 #Recap #review

The mYinsanity boys are continuing to provide a solid performance throughout the JoinDota League. The hype train is taking off and YOU need to get on board!
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Shanghai Major: 5 Things to Know


#DotA 2 #Major #mYinsanity #Recap #review #Shanghai

China needs some new blood Chinese teams always seem to outperform western teams. It used to be that EU teams would create the meta and China would replicate it and improve on it in a way that made it difficult to...
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Shanghai Major 2016: Group D Results


#DotA 2 #Recap

CompLexity Gaming is a team that comes from the US region, but has three Swedish players coming from the former Ninjas in Pyamas team. Brothers Chessie and Limmp along with Handsken. join another brother duo in swindlemelonzz and Zfreek to round...
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Shanghai Major 2016: Group C Results


#DotA 2 #Recap

Today, we'll be looking at LGD Gaming, Team Archon, OG and Newbee. Again, before the group recap itself, we're bringing you a quick reminder of how teams were playing before this tournament. OG is the highest profile name in this group. The...
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Shanghai Major 2016: Group B Results


#DotA 2 #Recap

Alliance, the TI3 winners, are perhaps the best known team in this group and the biggest contestant for the throne coming from the EU region. After winning The Nanyang Championship, they won the Starladder i-League and proved to themselves and others that...
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Shanghai Major 2016: Group A Results


#DotA 2 #Recap

The Shanghai Major 2016 is organized into both groups and a double elimination bracket system. Throughout the group stage which takes place until February 28th, every day will consist of one group playing their matches. Four teams will fight for two places in...
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mYinsanity’s Dota 2 team contending for a spot in JoinDota League’s Division 2!


#DotA 2 #Interview #Recap #Switzerland

Since a 2-0 loss against "Team 81" also in Division 3, our team has turned things around to made a terrific run of three victories in a row.  Currently holding a 6-2 record at the moment, the boys have a really good chance...
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DotA2 Starladder review!


#DotA 2 #Recap #review

The 13th season of the StarLadder Star Series was organised along with ImbaTV, who organised the i-League tournaments last year. This time, they're bringing their forces together for a great final tournament in Minsk, Belarus where 12 teams had to...
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