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Ranked Play Revamp: Improvement or Failure?


#Blizzard #Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard finally introduced the first season of ranked play almost a month ago after a year-long preseason. Along with the new season, they also completely revamped the ladder. Gone is the flat ranking system of 1-50 where each rank represented roughly 2% of the population. Instead, the new rankings have a much more League of Legends-esque system.
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The Art of War: Creating Space


#Heroes of the Storm

Unlike some of the more concrete articles out there, this one will focus in on a more abstract topic: creating space in Heroes of the Storm. Prepare to think critically.
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Our Heroes Team Goes Undefeated at DreamHack Tours!


#Dreamhack #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity #Recap

After several months of near-greatness, the Heroes team finally came out on top at DreamHack Tours, boasting a perfect 10-0 record!  At last, they have proven that they deserve to be called the best team in Europe!
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EU Championship Leicester: Consistency is Key


#Heroes of the Storm #Recap #review

Following the previous roster swap debacles in Katowice, European teams set out once again to claim the gold at the Summer Championship in Leicester. Once more, they were greeted with the same result: roster changes did not have a positive impact, and only the most consistent Heroes of the Storm teams—including our own—made it to the final rounds.
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Heroes Spring Global Championship—The Journey of a Lifetime


#ESports #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #Preview

Practice time is over and it’s time to travel to the Mecca of esports—Seoul, South Korea—to pay homage to the esports gods. For the past two weeks, our Heroes team has been hard at work doing yet another bootcamp to sharpen their skills, foster teamwork, and prepare themselves the Global Championship.
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Boss, Keep, or Core—A Heroes Guide to Late Game


#Guide #Heroes of the Storm #Strategy

How many times have you played a flawless early game, carried your advantage into the mid game, and then thrown at the last second during a big teamfight to lose the game? There’s literally nothing more frustrating that feeling like you’ve played a near perfect game only to be brought down by one bad decision in the late game. The worst part is: it happens all the time.
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ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship – Katowice Preview


#Heroes of the Storm #Interview #Preview #Teams

The event this weekend at IEM will be a chance for all the top teams to prove who came out ahead after the huge roster shuffle in EU. Our own team found the perfect match early with HasuObs and Splendour, but...
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mYinsanity’s Heroes Team Qualifies for Katowice!


#Heroes of the Storm #Preview #Starcraft 2

After three grueling weeks, the teams with the highest points that hadn’t yet qualified were invited to the Final Qualifier to make a last ditch effort at participating in IEM Katowice. Although competing against many strong teams, notably Monkeys of the...
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Our Heroes of the Storm team takes home the ZOTAC Cup!


#Heroes of the Storm #Recap #Teams

The Matches mYinsanity received a bye in Round 1, heading right into Round 2 against Outlaws (OL) on Cursed Hollow. After nearly wiping the enemy team on the first tribute, mYi carried their advantages all the way to a Boss during the...
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