Dionysis "VampAurora" Bogdanos

I am an eSports enthusiast venturing into many different roles. I am creating Hearthstone content for mYinsanity. You can follow me on the social media written below!

Twitter: @VampAurora

Website: http://myinsanity.eu/

Articles from Dionysis

mYinsanity wins the Swiss DC League & changes roster


#Announcements #DotA 2 #mYinsanity

Our Dota 2 team has achieved another victory! This time it was Swiss DC League, where after 20 weeks our team had 42 points, accumulating 19 victories and 2 draws among all their matches. They were 7 points ahead of...
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Hearthstone’s new “Welcome Bundle” available now!


#Blizzard #Hearthstone #mYinsanity

They are introducing the Welcome Bundle, a bundle that will cost $4,99 and will get you 10 Classic Hearthstone packs and 1 random class Legendary card. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get a kickstart and start gathering...
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Dominating at Home


#ESports #Hearthstone #mYinsanity #Recap #SwitzerLAN

mYinsanity's Hearthstone players had an amazing performance at EEvent in Switzerland earlier this month. The boys reminded everyone that mYinsanity is not only strong away but at home as well!
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Whispers of the Old Gods: The Hype Continues!


#Announcements #Hearthstone #Recap

Hearthstone’s next expansion Whispers of the Old Gods was announced almost two weeks ago and there was no denying that the crow was hyped! This expansion was long awaited – and it will make us wait a bit longer too – but it will surely be a milestone for Hearthstone.

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Tavern Brawl: Clash of the Minions!


#Hearthstone #Strategy

This week’s Tavern Brawl is pure fun and pure… FACE! We prefer to say Taunt-Face, since as indicated, all minions you play get Charge but also have Taunt. A few of decks have risen to fame since the release of the...
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Nerdlol wins BarStone Zurich XII!


#Hearthstone #mYinsanity #Recap #review #Switzerland

Nerdlol used three decks in this BarStone, a Secret Paladin, a Patron Warrior and a Midrange Combo Druid, with the latter being undefeated throughout the event. The Druid was pretty much a common combo druid, with the only exception being...
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Get to know our new HearthStone players – Interview with CleanBandit, Nerdlol and EntryFee


#Hearthstone #Interview #Teams

Hello, would you mind introducing yourself to the fans? EntryFee: “Hello, my name is Marcel Burri, I’m 27 years old and I live in a small village in Bern, Switzerland. I was a big fan of card games for a long...
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Is the Murloc Paladin here to stay?


#Hearthstone #Strategy

Many of you must have already encountered the before-mentioned deck in your ranked games and you were probably frustrated by the immense power of it. It's true, "Murkadin" has the potential of a OTK (One-Turn-Kill) as it masses huge amounts of damage...
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