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KnowMe and mYinsanity part ways


#Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity #Uncategorized

It’s with a heavy Heart that we announce KnowMe’s departure from mYinsanity. Steffen initially joined us as coach and manager of our Heroes oft he Storm team during their build-up period and stayed with us as a streamer and caster when...
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PtitDrogo joins mYinsanity


#Announcements #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #Teams

Today mYinsanity is pleased to announce the newest member of our Starcraft 2 Pro Roster: Théo “PtitDrogo” Freydière! Since the beginning of 2015 PtitDrogo has become more and more of a staple in the European Starcraft two scene, known especially for...
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Announcing mYi Rain


#mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #Teams

Today we are absolutely thrilled to welcome our latest recruit to the mYinsanity family: mYi.Rain! As one of the most established players in professional Starcraft, Rain joins us after leaving SK Telecom T1 with the desire of attending more Western...
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Welcome To The Future


#Announcements #mYinsanity #Slider #Starcraft 2 #Teams

It’s been a little over a half year since we introduced the mYinsanity Academy. Since its inception in November, We’ve seen some great progress made by some of our players, and so we have decided to take our academy to...
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mYinsanity and Logitech G team up!


#Logitech G #mYinsanity #Sponsors #Switzerland

We at mYinsanity are happy to announce our new sponsor Logitech G, the leading innovator of gaming hardware. As a team based in Switzerland, we were always looking towards local companies for sponsorships first. With Logitech G we are delighted to have second...
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mYinsanity Signs Former SK Telecom T1 Zerg, Sacsri!


#Announcements #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

mYinsanity is pleased to announce the latest acquisition to our Starcraft 2 roster, Lee “Sacsri” Yeh Hoon! We’ve wanted to add a Korean Zerg player to our roster for some time, and have finally found someone who we deem to be...
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Interview with mYinsanity’s CEO Cedric “Schloc” Schlosser


#Interview #JoRoSaR's video series #mYinsanity

As some of you might've read, we recently had John "JoRoSaR" Sargent in our Gaming House, as he had offered to produce some video content. It took us a while, but we're finally ready to announce the release of our first...
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