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MYI Entertainment, mYinsanity’s expansion in Switzerland


#ESports #mYinsanity #Switzerland

The avid followers of mYinsanity might already know that the Swiss staff behind mYinsanity, is also involved in event organisation. We’ve organised for example the Swiss Gaming Challenge or the EEvent. Since we have our roots in Switzerland the local scene...
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Swiss HearthStone players CleanBandit, Nerdlol and EntryFee join mYinsanity!


#Announcements #Hearthstone #Interview #mYinsanity #SwitzerLAN #Switzerland #Teams

HearthStone has been popular in Switzerland since its release, although it's only been during the last few months that a vital and competitive community has been established. Several Fireside Gatherings have taken place recently and united players of mYinsanity’s homeland, while the local LAN's have launched...
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SwitzerLAN 2015


#Announcements #Featured #mYinsanity #Preview #SwitzerLAN #Switzerland

As an eSport business based in Switzerland, mYinsanity isn’t only involved with international competition but also assists in developing the Swiss eSports scene. We currently support several Swiss teams and players while generating awareness for eSports by organizing tournaments and LAN parties....
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HearthStone – How a theoretical spreadsheet can improve your ladder results


#Hearthstone #Strategy

As an Excel nerd and HearthStone fan it was always my goal to create a spreadsheet which helps me to play better on ladder. There are several tools which help you to track how good your decks perform, but in...
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