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AqueroN joins mYinsanity!

- 29/10/2016

#Announcements #Blizzard #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

We here at mYinsanity have been working hard on our Starcraft II roster in the past months. We have added a proven veteran in Beastyqt, a strong Protoss in ShaDoWn and are happy to announce an up-and-coming Terran in the Starcraft 2...
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Terran 101: A Guide To Improve With

- 12/10/2016

#Blizzard #Guide #Starcraft 2 #Strategy

Terran 101: How To start out with Terran in Legacy of The Void Legacy of the void has brought about some very big changes to the Starcraft 2 landscape. New units for each race, new tactics and changes on build orders all due...
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Hearthstone’s new “Welcome Bundle” available now!

- 21/09/2016

#Blizzard #Hearthstone #mYinsanity

They are introducing the Welcome Bundle, a bundle that will cost $4,99 and will get you 10 Classic Hearthstone packs and 1 random class Legendary card. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get a kickstart and start gathering...
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Parting Ways with our Heroes of the Storm Team

- 03/08/2016

#Announcements #Blizzard #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity

In 2015 we picked up the current Heroes of the Storm roster. The team adapted well to the organization from the start and allowed for a very fluid transition within the competitive scene. The team was professional and hard working from...
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Ranked Play Revamp: Improvement or Failure?

- 13/07/2016

#Blizzard #Heroes of the Storm

This is probably the most impactful update Blizzard has ever added to the game, and it’s long overdue. The woes of the previous ranking system and its failure to recognize outstanding players grieved the community for several months; it was...
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Overwatch: Getting Started

- 01/06/2016

#Blizzard #Guide #mYinsanity #Overwatch

  Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter which is build around 6v6 battles. It is Blizzard Entertainments latest IP and set in the near fictive future on planet earth. You play one of 21 unique heroes which are fitted into typical...
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