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CS:GO team with a strong start in ESEA

- 03/02/2017

#CSGO #Recap

Our CS:GO team started off their ESEA Season 24 campaign on January 31st. The team led by "Hurley", scored two wins in their inaugural ESEA league matches . Both the matches on Day 1 were scheduled to take place on the map Nuke. The...
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Meet our CS:GO Team Manager – Sebastian “SebstR” Wollter

- 30/01/2017

#CSGO #Interview

Do you mind stating your name and your position at mYinsanity? Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’m currently working as the Team Manager for our Swedish CS:GO team. What does your role as a Team Manager involve? In short you could say...
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mYinsanity returns to Counter Strike: Global Offensive with new roster!

- 09/12/2016

#Announcements #CSGO #ESports #mYinsanity #Teams

We are pleased to announce the signing of our new Counter Strike: GO roster to the mYinsanity family. Leading the team is Hurley, who up to this point has done a fantastic job of building a roster full of potential. Christopher...
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E-Sports Returns to Switzerland!

- 28/03/2016

#Announcements #CSGO #ESports #FIFA 16 #Hearthstone #League of Legends #Switzerland

The schedule is as follows: Thursday 5th May: CS:GO 1st Place CHF 1’000.– 5x Intel Compute Sticks each to the value of CHF 150.– 2nd Place: CHF 500.– 5x HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming headset from Kingston each to the value of CHF 100.–   Friday 6th May: FIFA...
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mYinsanity invites you to game!

- 08/03/2016

#CSGO #mYinsanity #SwitzerLAN #Switzerland #Teams

Our staff team is dedicated to improving not only the E-sports industry but the gaming community as a whole. This is why we bring to you EEvent, a LAN-Party in Arbon, Switzerland happening this April. 340 participants will be...
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New player for our CS:GO team found

- 01/03/2016

#Announcements #CSGO #mYinsanity #Teams

We are happy to announce that Tom "spIder" Weber will take his part in mYinsanity.CSGO with immediate effect and will already have his first official appearance in the next ESL Major League game on Thursday 03.03.16 (date and time is...
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Let’s have a talk with Marc “xshort1” Müller

- 31/12/2015

#CSGO #Interview #mYinsanity

Marc joined the team after they had placed second at SwitzerLan, replacing “RadiaX” and in turn, taking away the AWP position from “emkey”. In hindsight it was a fantastic move that had an impact on our CS:GO team sweeping through...
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CS:GO Roster changes – xshort1 to replace RadiaX

- 30/10/2015

#Announcements #CSGO #mYinsanity #SwitzerLAN

First we would like to say a huge Thank you to Daniel "RadiaX" Coya for his time here at mYinsanity. Unfortunately our ways will part and we wish him the best of luck in the future. His replacement Marc "xshort1" Müller is a known name...
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mYinsanity welcomes CS:GO Team

- 29/09/2015

#Announcements #CSGO #mYinsanity #SwitzerLAN #Teams

Their goal is to take home the CS:GO Tournament, which is another qualifier for the Swiss CS:GO Championship.  Even though they have already claimed a spot for the finals, they’re willing to take another title and strengthen their position as...
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