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Heroes Global Championship 2017 EU Open Division Cup #2 – Breathing New Life

- 06/02/2017

#Heroes of the Storm #HGC #Recap

With our Heroes team unavailable to play in Cup #2, there was no clear favorite to be identified. While many series that took place over the two day event were quite one-sided (42 series being won with a 2-0 result out of 46), it's...
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mYinsanity welcomes Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian

- 17/11/2016

#Announcements #Blizzcon #ESports #Heroes of the Storm #Interview #mYinsanity

With the exciting news coming out of BlizzCon that 2017 will feature a revamp of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, it was only fitting that mYinsanity return to the scene. Only this time, we have chosen a more nontraditional...
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Parting Ways with our Heroes of the Storm Team

- 03/08/2016

#Announcements #Blizzard #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity

In 2015 we picked up the current Heroes of the Storm roster. The team adapted well to the organization from the start and allowed for a very fluid transition within the competitive scene. The team was professional and hard working from...
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Ranked Play Revamp: Improvement or Failure?

- 13/07/2016

#Blizzard #Heroes of the Storm

This is probably the most impactful update Blizzard has ever added to the game, and it’s long overdue. The woes of the previous ranking system and its failure to recognize outstanding players grieved the community for several months; it was...
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mYinsanity’s Heroines of the Storm

- 02/07/2016

#Announcements #Heroes of the Storm #mYinsanity #Twitch

It is with much excitement and enthusiasm that we announce 5 new additions to the mYinsanity family. These five talented individuals come together to form mYinsanity's Heroes of the Storm female team. Please welcome Isabella "Squi" Kardinal, Genefra "Neffi"...
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The Art of War: Creating Space

- 13/06/2016

#Heroes of the Storm

The idea of “space” in gaming is like an invisible bubble of safety that allows your team to take objectives and control the pace of the game. Controlling and manipulating that space is as simple as getting more vision and...
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The Art of Drafting

- 25/05/2016

#ESports #Guide #Heroes of the Storm #mYinsanity

What is the Draft?   The drafting And looked has I type its I genericviagra-bestrxonline of on you. Approx file out. I it color. I viagra vs cialis vs levitra side effects was lightly can lower just down hygiene...
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Our Heroes Team Goes Undefeated at DreamHack Tours!

- 19/05/2016

#Dreamhack #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity #Recap

  Beating the Best Ask anyone who the best European teams were a few months ago and they probably would have said it was a toss-up between Natus Vincere, Dignitas, and Fnatic (maybe Team Liquid)—no mYinsanity on that list. For the Heroes...
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EU Championship Leicester: Consistency is Key

- 26/04/2016

#Heroes of the Storm #Recap #review

Creating a United Front   It’s no coincidence that the top three teams have had stable rosters for a while now. Dignitas, mYi, and Fnatic all boast a 100% player retention rate since the Spring season, and their...
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Heroes Spring Global Championship—The Journey of a Lifetime

- 01/04/2016

#ESports #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #Preview

This is their most difficult endeavor yet, and it will take all of their strength and fortitude to make it across the finish line first. While the road to victory is tedious at times, it can also be a rewarding...
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