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Meet our CS:GO Team Manager – Sebastian “SebstR” Wollter

- 30/01/2017

#CSGO #Interview

Do you mind stating your name and your position at mYinsanity? Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’m currently working as the Team Manager for our Swedish CS:GO team. What does your role as a Team Manager involve? In short you could say...
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A day in the life of a full-time StarCraft 2 coach

- 11/12/2016

#Interview #Starcraft 2

As many of the top players in StarCraft gain their fame through playing in online cups or tournaments around the globe, coaches stay in relative obscurity. Sometimes you’ll see players like Stork evolve into a coaching position, however most of...
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mYinsanity welcomes Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian

- 17/11/2016

#Announcements #Blizzcon #ESports #Heroes of the Storm #Interview #mYinsanity

With the exciting news coming out of BlizzCon that 2017 will feature a revamp of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, it was only fitting that mYinsanity return to the scene. Only this time, we have chosen a more nontraditional...
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mYinsanity welcomes Jo “Golden” Myeong Hwan

- 13/11/2016

#Announcements #ESports #Interview #LotV #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #Teams

It has been a few years now that Golden retired from professional eSports to fulfill his military duty. He is now coming back to the StarCraft scene and we here at mYinsanity could not be happier to support him in...
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Europe’s Best: Trifasia the “Drugged Peach”

- 16/10/2016

#Interview #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Welcome to mYinsanity’s second entry in Europe’s Best series! This series aims to inform more people of the story-filled pasts, current plans, and opinions of top European Melee players. I am happy to welcome Alvaro Garcia “Heir|Trifasia” Moral as our second...
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Starcraft Roster Update

- 04/10/2016

#Announcements #Interview #LotV #mYinsanity #Teams

First off we would like to happily confirm that Théo PtitDrogo Freydière has signed a contract extension with us that will follow him well into 2017, where he hopes to improve on his results from this year. Although he has had...
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Europe’s Best: Zgetto the “Original European Fox”

- 29/08/2016

#ESports #Europe's Best #Interview #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Starting off this new series is the pioneer for European Fox mains, Miguel “Zgetto” Penalva. Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, Zgetto is currently ranked 9th overall on holding a 79.0% win record and a TrueSkill value of 81.28....
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ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship – Katowice Preview

- 02/03/2016

#Heroes of the Storm #Interview #Preview #Teams

The event this weekend at IEM will be a chance for all the top teams to prove who came out ahead after the huge roster shuffle in EU. Our own team found the perfect match early with HasuObs and Splendour, but...
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2016: The Year of Ice

- 08/02/2016

#Interview #Preview #Recap #review #Smash #Teams

However with Genesis 3, the second largest tournament in Melee history, behind us, it is evident that 2016 can be Ice’s breakout year. Despite only being ranked 17th in the “Melee it on Me” (MIOM) 2015 rankings, Ice’s performance at Genesis 3 teased...
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mYinsanity’s Dota 2 team contending for a spot in JoinDota League’s Division 2!

- 05/02/2016

#DotA 2 #Interview #Recap #Switzerland

Since a 2-0 loss against "Team 81" also in Division 3, our team has turned things around to made a terrific run of three victories in a row.  Currently holding a 6-2 record at the moment, the boys have a really good chance...
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