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A look back at the 2017 HGC Western Clash Grand Finals

- 27/03/2017

#Heroes of the Storm #Recap

Going into the series, Fnatic had been recently seen as the most dominant team in the European region. Since their impressive performance at Blizzcon 2016, and their victory against arguably the best team in the world, Korea’s MVP Black, it...
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Heroes Global Championship 2017 EU Open Division Cup #2 – Breathing New Life

- 06/02/2017

#Heroes of the Storm #HGC #Recap

With our Heroes team unavailable to play in Cup #2, there was no clear favorite to be identified. While many series that took place over the two day event were quite one-sided (42 series being won with a 2-0 result out of 46), it's...
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CS:GO team with a strong start in ESEA

- 03/02/2017

#CSGO #Recap

Our CS:GO team started off their ESEA Season 24 campaign on January 31st. The team led by "Hurley", scored two wins in their inaugural ESEA league matches . Both the matches on Day 1 were scheduled to take place on the map Nuke. The...
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Our Heroes Team Goes Undefeated at DreamHack Tours!

- 19/05/2016

#Dreamhack #Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity #Recap

  Beating the Best Ask anyone who the best European teams were a few months ago and they probably would have said it was a toss-up between Natus Vincere, Dignitas, and Fnatic (maybe Team Liquid)—no mYinsanity on that list. For the Heroes...
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DreamHack Double Header

- 13/05/2016

#Dreamhack #Preview #Recap #review #Starcraft 2

In case you missed out on some or all of the event we’ve got some highlights for you! Representing mYinsanity at the event we had Pengwin, RayReign and PtitDrogo. All three of them were seeded into the group stages, although...
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Dominating at Home

- 26/04/2016

#ESports #Hearthstone #mYinsanity #Recap #SwitzerLAN

  The EEvent LAN party took place April 15th and our Hearthstone players were in attendance. Not only did they attend EEvent but Nerdlol, CleanBandit and EntryFee managed to steamroll through the Hearthstone tournament with the three of them taking the...
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EU Championship Leicester: Consistency is Key


#Heroes of the Storm #Recap #review

Creating a United Front   It’s no coincidence that the top three teams have had stable rosters for a while now. Dignitas, mYi, and Fnatic all boast a 100% player retention rate since the Spring season, and their...
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Whispers of the Old Gods: The Hype Continues!

- 23/03/2016

#Announcements #Hearthstone #Recap

The third expansion for Hearthstone will arrive between late April and early May, bringing with it 134 new cards. Along with it, another awaited feature will hit the clients, the Standard Format. The expansion’s theme are “Corrupted” cards which are cards that...
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JoinDota Day 1

- 15/03/2016

#DotA 2 #Recap #review

Since we last reported on our Dota 2 team's  progress a month ago, they've had a very impressive run in the JoinDota League. They finished in second place with  a record of 15 wins and 3 losses. Their performance guaranteed them...
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The Road to Korea: Showing your Stuff

- 13/03/2016

#Heroes of the Storm #Katowice #mYinsanity #Recap

With a finalized roster, our boys headed to IEM Katowice as a strong contender, but not a clear front runner. After a great performance in the first match up of the tournament, the seedings started to become more and more...
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