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DreamHack Double Header

- 13/05/2016

#Dreamhack #Preview #Recap #review #Starcraft 2

In case you missed out on some or all of the event we’ve got some highlights for you! Representing mYinsanity at the event we had Pengwin, RayReign and PtitDrogo. All three of them were seeded into the group stages, although...
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EU Championship Leicester: Consistency is Key

- 26/04/2016

#Heroes of the Storm #Recap #review

Creating a United Front   It’s no coincidence that the top three teams have had stable rosters for a while now. Dignitas, mYi, and Fnatic all boast a 100% player retention rate since the Spring season, and their...
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JoinDota Day 1

- 15/03/2016

#DotA 2 #Recap #review

Since we last reported on our Dota 2 team's  progress a month ago, they've had a very impressive run in the JoinDota League. They finished in second place with  a record of 15 wins and 3 losses. Their performance guaranteed them...
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Shanghai Major: 5 Things to Know

- 09/03/2016

#DotA 2 #Major #mYinsanity #Recap #review #Shanghai

China needs some new blood Chinese teams always seem to outperform western teams. It used to be that EU teams would create the meta and China would replicate it and improve on it in a way that made it difficult to...
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Player Spotlight: Joona “Serral” Sotala

- 16/02/2016

#LotV #review #Starcraft 2

Serral joined mYinsanity on February 24th 2014, at the young age of 15 years old. During his first year with the team, he would make notable runs in a number of Dreamhack tournaments including Summer, Valencia, and Moscow where he finished in the top 25...
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Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset Review

- 11/02/2016

#Logitech G #review

Last week I took a look at the G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse and was shocked at how much it's improved over previous generations, so I couldn't wait to give the G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset a go.  Unlike the G502 which was...
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2016: The Year of Ice

- 08/02/2016

#Interview #Preview #Recap #review #Smash #Teams

However with Genesis 3, the second largest tournament in Melee history, behind us, it is evident that 2016 can be Ice’s breakout year. Despite only being ranked 17th in the “Melee it on Me” (MIOM) 2015 rankings, Ice’s performance at Genesis 3 teased...
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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Review

- 02/02/2016

#Logitech G #review

First on the list is the G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse. I have been a fan of Logitech mice for quite a few years now, going though models such as the MX 518 Optical Gaming Mouse and the G500 Gaming...
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PtitDrogo more like big bad Dragon! A Successful Showing at 2016 DreamHack Open: Leipzig

- 26/01/2016

#mYinsanity #Recap #review #Starcraft 2

Overview of the Group Stages Our Swiss duo in PengWin and Zervas were not seeded, and as a result had to play through the first group stage. While both successfully advanced out of their groups, the second group stage was, as...
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Nerdlol wins BarStone Zurich XII!

- 23/01/2016

#Hearthstone #mYinsanity #Recap #review #Switzerland

Nerdlol used three decks in this BarStone, a Secret Paladin, a Patron Warrior and a Midrange Combo Druid, with the latter being undefeated throughout the event. The Druid was pretty much a common combo druid, with the only exception being...
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