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Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 Review

- 12/06/2017

#Logitech G #review #Sponsors

I have the pleasure of working together with some of our players to make several thorough and comprehensive reviews of our recently delivered gear. Today, we will be starting out with the Artemis Spectrum G933 Headset. Looking back at the success...
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Save 30% with mYinsanity and Logitech G!

- 16/03/2017

#Announcements #Logitech G #Sponsors

  For the week of March 15th - 22nd we have teamed up with our sponsor Logitech G to bring you incredible savings on selected products. Simply visit the Logitech G online store here and enter code MYI30 during checkout to earn...
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mYinsanity partners with GoodGamer and Sc2ReplayStats!

- 23/02/2016

#Announcements #mYinsanity #Sponsors

Also from Switzerland, GoodGamer is a community looking to balance the game of life by having millions of gamers make micro-donations to the most effective charities through in-game item purchases. Imagine buying a mYinsanity decorated M4A1 in CS:GO, where a percentage of the...
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mYinsanity partners with G2A

- 31/08/2015

#Announcements #G2A #mYinsanity #Sponsors

G2A has proven that they are deeply invested in eSports, as a leader in team and player sponsorships and we are excited to have a partner who is as dedicated as Tightening of rid clear pricey am difference delayed ejaculation...
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mYinsanity’s view on the Logitech G100s

- 22/08/2014

#Logitech G #mYinsanity #Sponsors

Since mYinsanity and Logitech G teamed up, they've kindly supported us with their peripherals. I had a chat with two of our players to hear what the opinion is on the G100s mouse. Pengwin: Logitech have definitely built up a reputation in the...
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mYinsanity and Logitech G team up!

- 05/06/2014

#Logitech G #mYinsanity #Sponsors #Switzerland

We at mYinsanity are happy to announce our new sponsor Logitech G, the leading innovator of gaming hardware. As a team based in Switzerland, we were always looking towards local companies for sponsorships first. With Logitech G we are delighted to have second...
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