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Save 30% with mYinsanity and Logitech G!

- 16/03/2017

#Announcements #Logitech G #Sponsors

  For the week of March 15th - 22nd we have teamed up with our sponsor Logitech G to bring you incredible savings on selected products. Simply visit the Logitech G online store here and enter code MYI30 during checkout to earn...
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mYinsanity partners with GoodGamer and Sc2ReplayStats!

- 23/02/2016

#Announcements #mYinsanity #Sponsors

Also from Switzerland, GoodGamer is a community looking to balance the game of life by having millions of gamers make micro-donations to the most effective charities through in-game item purchases. Imagine buying a mYinsanity decorated M4A1 in CS:GO, where a percentage of the...
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mYinsanity partners with G2A

- 31/08/2015

#Announcements #G2A #mYinsanity #Sponsors

G2A has proven that they are deeply invested in eSports, as a leader in team and player sponsorships and we are excited to have a partner who is as dedicated as Tightening of rid clear pricey am difference delayed ejaculation...
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mYinsanity’s view on the Logitech G100s

- 22/08/2014

#Logitech G #mYinsanity #Sponsors

Since mYinsanity and Logitech G teamed up, they've kindly supported us with their peripherals. I had a chat with two of our players to hear what the opinion is on the G100s mouse. Pengwin: Logitech have definitely built up a reputation in the...
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mYinsanity and Logitech G team up!

- 05/06/2014

#Logitech G #mYinsanity #Sponsors #Switzerland

We at mYinsanity are happy to announce our new sponsor Logitech G, the leading innovator of gaming hardware. As a team based in Switzerland, we were always looking towards local companies for sponsorships first. With Logitech G we are delighted to have second...
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