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A day in the life of a full-time StarCraft 2 coach

- 11/12/2016

#Interview #Starcraft 2

As many of the top players in StarCraft gain their fame through playing in online cups or tournaments around the globe, coaches stay in relative obscurity. Sometimes you’ll see players like Stork evolve into a coaching position, however most of...
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mYinsanity welcomes Jo “Golden” Myeong Hwan

- 13/11/2016

#Announcements #ESports #Interview #LotV #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #Teams

It has been a few years now that Golden retired from professional eSports to fulfill his military duty. He is now coming back to the StarCraft scene and we here at mYinsanity could not be happier to support him in...
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AqueroN joins mYinsanity!

- 29/10/2016

#Announcements #Blizzard #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

We here at mYinsanity have been working hard on our Starcraft II roster in the past months. We have added a proven veteran in Beastyqt, a strong Protoss in ShaDoWn and are happy to announce an up-and-coming Terran in the Starcraft 2...
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mYinsanity and PtitDrogo at BlizzCon 2016

- 27/10/2016

#Blizzcon #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #WCS

It's that time of the year again where 16 of the best StarCraft II players gather to battle it out and claim the World Title in Anaheim, California. BlizzCon is the culmination of an entire year's hard work and everyone attending is ready...
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Terran 101: A Guide To Improve With

- 12/10/2016

#Blizzard #Guide #Starcraft 2 #Strategy

Terran 101: How To start out with Terran in Legacy of The Void Legacy of the void has brought about some very big changes to the Starcraft 2 landscape. New units for each race, new tactics and changes on build orders all due...
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The new era of mYinsanity StarCraft

- 23/08/2016

#Announcements #LotV #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

We have been through some major changes in the last year, with players such as Rain, Sacsri and Kane all retiring from the pro scene. We also just parted ways with PengWin recently, who had been a long standing member of management. All of...
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PengWin Leaves mYinsanity

- 09/07/2016

#Announcements #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2 #Teams

It has been said time and time again "All good things must come to an end". Unfortunately, today, this proves true. It is never happy news to part ways with members of our team but we understand that is the industry...
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NA vs EU: King Artur and his Disciples

- 22/05/2016

#Announcements #ESports #Preview #Starcraft 2

That being said, Europe is still the stronger region. Needless to say, Europe comes in as the favorites, and with no small amount of pressure to win, but more importantly, we come into this event with a formidable roster that...
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DreamHack Double Header

- 13/05/2016

#Dreamhack #Preview #Recap #review #Starcraft 2

In case you missed out on some or all of the event we’ve got some highlights for you! Representing mYinsanity at the event we had Pengwin, RayReign and PtitDrogo. All three of them were seeded into the group stages, although...
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Sacsri Retires

- 14/04/2016

#Announcements #ESports #mYinsanity #Starcraft 2

mYinsanity would not be the organization it is today without the passion, commitment and enthusiasm that our players bring to the table day in and day out. This is why we regret to announce that Lee "Sacsri" Yeh Hoon will be retiring from professional...
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