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Terran 101: A Guide To Improve With

- 12/10/2016

#Blizzard #Guide #Starcraft 2 #Strategy

Terran 101: How To start out with Terran in Legacy of The Void Legacy of the void has brought about some very big changes to the Starcraft 2 landscape. New units for each race, new tactics and changes on build orders all due...
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Boss, Keep, or Core—A Heroes Guide to Late Game

- 25/03/2016

#Guide #Heroes of the Storm #Strategy

However, you’ll find that the best teams will be able to consistently make good decisions in the late game and avoid huge mistakes that might cost them everything. Luckily, through observing what some of the pros do and thinking about...
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Tavern Brawl: Clash of the Minions!

- 25/02/2016

#Hearthstone #Strategy

This week’s Tavern Brawl is pure fun and pure… FACE! We prefer to say Taunt-Face, since as indicated, all minions you play get Charge but also have Taunt. A few of decks have risen to fame since the release of the...
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The top 5 Heroes for DotA2 solo queue!

- 17/01/2016

#DotA 2 #mYinsanity #Strategy

With the arrival of patch 6.86, solo queue has changed massively. Not only is there the cancerous scourge of Arc Warden (to be discussed later), there’s a panoply of new hero abilities and a treasure trove of new items. Who’s good to...
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Is the Murloc Paladin here to stay?

- 17/12/2015

#Hearthstone #Strategy

Many of you must have already encountered the before-mentioned deck in your ranked games and you were probably frustrated by the immense power of it. It's true, "Murkadin" has the potential of a OTK (One-Turn-Kill) as it masses huge amounts of damage...
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The Holy Trinity – Card Advantage, Tempo Lead, and Life Count

- 01/12/2015

#Hearthstone #Strategy

Card Advantage This concept is the most commonly neglected one by beginners. They look at a 0-Mana card like Wisp and think to themselves: "Oh that is a great card! I can play it for free." But they will quickly...
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A Beginner’s Guide To Watching Dota 2 Matches

- 09/11/2015

#DotA 2 #Strategy

The Basics Dota2 is at it's core, a very simple game. Ten people, divided into two teams of five players each battle on the map until one of the team's destroys the other team's Ancient (hence the acronym, Defence of the Ancients) which is...
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Beginners guide to Meepo – How to unlock this unsung hero’s true abilities

- 22/10/2015

#DotA 2 #Interview #Strategy

If you're more in the game you can often hear sentences such as "No random Meepo pls". This is why we've teamed up with Lizzard, who is a streamer for mYinsanity and is also one of the best Meepo...
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The Warsong Commander to be demoted to Lieutenant within upcoming patch

- 19/10/2015

#Hearthstone #Interview #Strategy

Warsong Commander will be changed from a very strong card at 3 mana for a 2/3 body and a talent reading " Whenever you summon a minion with 3 or less attack, give it charge", to "Your charge minions have...
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The Accession of Secrets Paladin

- 05/10/2015

#Hearthstone #Strategy

Introduction: Its day 1 of TGT ( The Grand Tournament ) and I break open my 50 packs. I must admit that my biggest excitement for it was the Lock and Load card for Hunter. I scan my collection and come...
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