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Smash ‘N’ Splash 3: Melee and Project M Tournament Preview

- 31/05/2017

#Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Background Starting in 2015, Smash 'N’ Splash has been quite the successful series. Dubbed “The Waterpark Series,” it gave players something a national tournament had never done before. The venue was hosted in an Illinois waterpark resort, giving attendees more options...
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Smash Summit: Spring 2017 Preview

- 01/03/2017

#Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Background While a serious tournament in its own right, Smash Summit is unique in how it presents itself. The “behind-the-scenes” feel of Summit creates an atmosphere that has resonated well with Smash audiences. The setting of a residence, skits, side games,...
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Genesis 4 – Preview

- 18/01/2017

#Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

The series is integral to the history of Melee, has a variety of Smash titles, and has had great reception from players and spectators alike. To many, this tournament series was the introduction to how large Smash truly was. Genesis...
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Old Game/New Twist: The creation and life of the Project M Championship Circuit

- 25/10/2016

#Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Project M has always been in the dark corner of Smash competition. A modified version of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, it was the pet project of a team who loved Melee. The original goal was to give one character, Falco,...
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Europe’s Best: Trifasia the “Drugged Peach”

- 16/10/2016

#Interview #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Welcome to mYinsanity’s second entry in Europe’s Best series! This series aims to inform more people of the story-filled pasts, current plans, and opinions of top European Melee players. I am happy to welcome Alvaro Garcia “Heir|Trifasia” Moral as our second...
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The Big House 6 Tournament Preview

- 06/10/2016

#Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

“The best grassroots tournament series ever” – Hungrybox “If you had to go to one tournament next year make it Big House” – Armada Big House 6 is finally here! It is undoubtedly one of the best run tournaments in smash from...
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Syndicate Preview and Storylines

- 08/09/2016

#ESports #Melee #Preview #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Syndicate is the result of the collaboration between GGWP and Avalon. It is the largest tournament in Dutch history boasting 500+ entrants, with 209 Melee singles entrants and 130 team entrants. Top players such as, [A]rmada, G2|Westballz, Ice, vWs|Professor Pro,...
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Ice departs mYinsanity

- 06/09/2016

#Announcements #ESports #Melee #mYinsanity #Smash #Super Smash Bros. #Teams

One year ago, mYinsanity expanded for the first time into the Smash scene. Playing in almost twenty live events in the past twelve months representing mYinsanity, Ice brought much success to our team with multiple Top 3 finishes in both 1v1...
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Breathing Life: An Overview of Commentary in Smash

- 02/09/2016

#ESports #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Ever since sports broadcasting has existed, sports commentary has existed. The amount of technical information and sports mentality requires translation to a wider audience. This is provided by commentators. It is unthinkable to watch a boxing or tennis match without...
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Europe’s Best: Zgetto the “Original European Fox”

- 29/08/2016

#ESports #Europe's Best #Interview #Melee #Smash #Super Smash Bros.

Starting off this new series is the pioneer for European Fox mains, Miguel “Zgetto” Penalva. Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, Zgetto is currently ranked 9th overall on holding a 79.0% win record and a TrueSkill value of 81.28....
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