Challenge yourself to improve!

So far this year we have seen the StarCraft 2 scene and community have a lot of activity! Now, to make things more exciting, mYinsanity is proud to announce that our partners over at SC2ReplaysStats are returning with a Ladder Challenge for Season 2!

What is The Ladder Challenge?

For those unfamiliar with the Ladder Challenge, it is essentially a challenge to improve through a consistent play schedule. After you choose a goal for a weekly number of ranked 1v1 games played the website will track your progress, give you motivation reminders, and track your weekly improvement in areas like supply blocks and worker production. Each season we’ve had hundreds of participants for the ladder challenge, and it’s proven time and time again to be great playing motivation, a fun tool, and an excellent way to improve to get that league promotion.

Community Challenges

Community challenges allow communities, websites, or streamers to set up specific challenge groups for their community. This allows specific communities to compete with each other as they progress towards their goals.

This year, we at mYinsanity will be hosting our own Community Challenge with players from our Pro & Academy teams, so you can follow along and see who are is the most diligent ladder players on our team!

Prizes sponsored by mYinsanity


mYinsanity 2016 Jersey
Complete 20 games each week through 2016 Season 2 – 1 Winner (Randomly selected in a tiebreak)

$20.00 Gift Card for G2A
Most games played on a single map through 2016 Season 2 – 1 Winner (Randomly selected in a tiebreak)

Coaching from a mYinsanity player and a 1 Year Eite Membership to Sc2ReplayStats
Most kills by a Marine, Zealot, or Zergling through 2016 Season 2 – 1 Winner for each unit (Randomly selected in a tiebreak)

StarCraft Pylon USB Charger
Most wins against a single opponent through 2016 Season 2 – 1 Winner (Randomly selected in a tiebreak)

Sign up now!

Simply create an account (if you don’t already have one!) sign up on the ladder challenge page and choose your weekly goal, and then upload your replays after you play them! The website will automatically track your progress and offer you rich statistic for how you can improve.
Don’t forget to enlist under the mYinsanity Community Group to be eligible for prizes! Click on “mYinsanity” under community groups and then click “Join Group”.


No purchase necessary. reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the prize selection if they are found to be manipulating the system in any way. Only participants in the mYinsanity community group are eligible for prizes.Winners will be notified via email and will have 1 week to claim their prize if they do not respond the next winner will be selected. Only public Sc2ReplayStats accounts will be included in the prize selection. Starcraft 2 Replays must be uploaded to your account and remain on the site until after the challenge has been completed. Notifications of winners selected will happen 2 weeks after the closing date of the 2016 Season 2 Starcraft 2 Ladder Season.

Be sure to follow SC2ReplayStats on:


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