Changes to mYinsanity CS:GO

Today we are excited to announce changes to our CS:GO roster.

Following the decision by our last roster to discontinue their partnership with us back in April, we have been on the search for a suitable replacement team. Our CS:GO Team Manager, Sebastian “sebstR” Wollter, has since found what we believe to be a roster of players that can develop within our organization and prove to be a great asset as well. Please welcome our new CS:GO roster to the mYinsanity family…

  • Luke “Emperor” Ingram (Captain)
  • Shaun “SDK” Kennedy
  • Nathan “wh1sk” Alderson
  • Karl “KoRaL” Philip
  • Michael “GhosT” Armstrong

The team’s goal is to compete at the highest level possible, and begin to establish themselves in the CS:GO community through social media activities and streaming regularly on Twitch. Expect to see the team competing in the upcoming Season 25 of the ESEA Main League and ESL Play 5on5 Open League Summer 2017, along with participating in the UK Masters Summer 2017 qualifiers!

Team captain, Luke “Emperor” Ingram, had this to say about joining mYi…

“I think I speak for the whole team when I say how pleased we are to be under mYinsanity, and how the process of joining has been nothing short of professional. While we are ecstatic to finally be here, we understand that we now find ourselves in a privileged position with backing from a prestigious organisation. The work really starts now for us!

With the support of mYinsanity, it gives us the unique opportunity to challenge and develop with infrastructure rarely seen within our domestic scene. I cannot thank Sebastian and Kerry enough for giving us this opportunity, and look forward to repaying their faith in us. We really can’t wait to get going under mYinsanity and be part of the long term projects they have ongoing here.”

Shaun “SDK” Kennedy shared his thoughts as well…

“I’m very excited about this opportunity that has been offered by mYinsanity. When I found out they were interested in us, it was an offer you couldn’t refuse with the reputation the organisation has. They provide a platform that can take our team to the next level.

I look forward to working with everyone in the organisation and I’m sure we can do big things together. Finally, the team and I can safely put our minds on the game knowing we have full backing of the organisation and we’re ready to continue our hard work together and prove ourselves in the upcoming qualifiers, leagues and LAN’s.”

CS:GO Team Manager for mYinsanity, Sebastian “sebstR” Wollter, welcomes the new squad to our family…

“After pushing Luke and the rest of the guys for every bit of information in the last few weeks during the recruitment process, I’m very proud of finally being able to announce them as the new CS:GO lineup for mYinsanity.

Since our first meeting, I’ve been continuously impressed by the amount of hard work these guys are putting in, not only to the game but the team and into each other. By doing so, they’ve proved to themselves that every step they’ve taken so far, no matter the obstacle, have been a move in the right direction. The vision to become a competitor in the European scene is something that we firmly believe in, making 2017 our most successful year yet.

One journey has come to an end, but only to start another.”


You can follow the team through their social media channels that are listed on their team page, to keep up to date on events, matches, promotions, and covfefe.

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