Congratulations to PtitDrogo: HomeStory XII Cup Run

HomeStory Cup XII (Sponsored by MIFCOM) ended on Sunday, after beginning on Thursday, December 17th. The HomeStory Cup tournaments are premier tier events, featuring some of the greatest stories, and top talent the world has to offer for StarCraft II since 2010.

mYinsanity has certainly been a part of a few of these stories, featuring deep runs and one championship in previous tournaments. Both Rain and Sacsri found themselves in the finals of HomeStory Cup XI, while PtitDrogo had finished in the top eight. PtitDrogo also known as “The Dronekiller”, attended this HomeStory Cup looking to improve upon his last performance and prove himself as a top European Protoss.

In the Twelfth edition of this premier event, the prize pool featured a total of $25,000 USD divided among the top eight players. The event featured twenty-four invited players and eight players through qualifying events (1 Asia, 2 EU, 1 NA/SEA). The first stage featured eight dual tournament groups, as the top two would advance to the Ro16 where the same format would be used. The quarter finals and semi finals would be played in a Bo5 format to determine advancing players, and the grand final would feature the top two players of the tournament in a Bo7!

PtitDrogo has been a rising name for some time now, recently participating at the ROCCAT DreamHack LotV Winter event, as well as being featured in Nation Wars III for his casting/broadcasting ability. While maintaining his face for the camera, he has been working extra hard as well on his StarCraft play with refreshing new strategies made possible by the new expansion.



His hard work would pay off early, as he finished at the top of his group in the Ro32 by defeating Zergs such as Scarlett and Lambo making it 2-0 with an impressive 4-0 map score. He showed aggressive play while going into double gateway openings as well as demonstrating unique chargelot/archon timings. Going into his Ro16 group, he would perform solidly again. He would be tested, going up against two Koreans in his group. After a loss to Snute, he would bounce back and win against both TOP and HyuN 2-0. This put him in an advancing position leading into the Ro8 for the second time in his two HomeStory Cup events.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and in the Ro8 he would be eliminated from the tournament 2-3 by Elazer. Elazer is one of EU’s top zergs right now, and is also coming off his own great performance at the recent ROCCAT DreamHack LotV event. The games were close through the entire series, requiring an ace match to decide the one to move on to the semifinals.

Here is what PtitDrogo had to say about his HomeStory Cup XII experience…

HomeStory Cup XII was overall an awesome experience for me. The new venue is awesome and the casting couch is still as awesome as ever. I’m a little bit disappointed after throwing so hard in the quarter finals, but getting out of the group stage early with Snute by beating two Koreans, made me very happy and hopeful for the future.”

Though I’m sure he wanted it all, it was an impressive run. We are looking forward to seeing him compete as we move into 2016!

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