DotA 2 team undergoes roster changes

2015 was a successful year for our Swiss DotA 2 squad. Starting into 2016, the team has already played their first JoinDota match and is undergoing personal changes. Benjamin "SSNOOWWBOARDING" Gantner, has parted ways with the team and Dominic "odom" Esquivias is coming in to complete the roster in the mid position.

Our Swiss Dota 2 team has had a great

finish for the last year. They took the LAN tournament and won a deciding game in order to progress to JoinDota Season 9 in division 3. Their first offical match in Division 3 was played on friday, 14th of January against Team 81 and sadly, we lost this match 0­-2. In addition to that, the team will undergo some roster changes. Position 5 support, Benjamin “SSNOOWWBOARDING” Gantner, has parted ways with the team and Dominic “odom” Esquivias is coming in to complete the roster in the mid position. Furthermore, captain David “davy” Morf will move to position 4 support role in order to have more freedom in shotcalling and leading the team. We have talked to David “davy” Morf about this roster change and here is what he had to say:  

One year ago when we planned our rooster Dominic was actually in my mind from the start, we’ve known him for some time and he is a good friend of ours. Sadly, because he didnt have a Swiss passport at the time, and for the iesf qualifier it was mandatory, we couldn’t have had him for that tournament, which led us not having him in our team in the end. So in a way he was always a first consideration for our lineup, and we also thought he performed well in the switzerlan where we faced his team in the final. So all in all we knew him very well since some time ago, he also used to play with us as a standin so it was natural for us to look out for him as we were thinking about the replacement for Beni in our team.

  Swiss Dota 2 team’s roster is as follows: 1. Flurin “Flu” Bandli 2. Dominic “odom” Esquivias 3. Michael “VincentVega” Solari 4. David “davy” Morf 5. Nicolas “asharon” Bizirianis   Also, here you can view our team’s standing in the JoinDota Leauge, as well as their match schedule there. We wish our boys best of luck in next games with this renewed roster.

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