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Two weeks in a row of DreamHack action is heaven for eSports enthusiasts and in particular it’s amazing for all of us who love StarCraft. This past weekend featured the first ever DreamHack in the Americas and it gave people in and around America a rare chance to gather at a StarCraft event and cheer for or compete against their favorite professional players (and judging by our recent Twitter feeds, eat a lot of delicious BBQ as well!).

In case you missed out on some or all of the event we’ve got some highlights for you! Representing mYinsanity at the event we had Pengwin, RayReign and PtitDrogo. All three of them were seeded into the group stages, although PtitDrogo’s priority placement seeded him directly into stage two of groups. Pengwin was unfortunately the first of ours to fall, not making it out of the first group stage. RayReign managed to finish first in his group but then was met with some tough luck going into the second group stage where he had to go up against [P] Pure, [Z] JonSnow and the ever threatening [Z] Hydra. It was a terribly tough bracket to fight through and unfortunately for Ray he ended up dropping out of the group with a 1-2 record. PtitDrogo was lucked out and was seeded into one of the easiest groups out of them all. The only other notable contender in PtitDrogo’s group was [P] PiLiPiLi but they were both able to make it out of the group with PtitDrogo grabbing first and PiLiPiLi taking second.

Despite a valiant effort, Austin would not be the second time that PtitDrogo and mYinsanity took a DreamHack championship. After breaking out of the group stages PtitDrogo was matched up against [Z] RSM in the round of 32 who he was able to beat quite handily but the real challenge came in the round of 16 where PtitDrogo had to match up against Neeb who was hot off a 3-1 victory against HuK. PtitDrogo showed us all some entertaining games and interesting strategies but unfortunately ended up falling 0-3 to Neeb.


PtitDrogo versus Neeb would be the last mYinsanity match of the day but it certainly wasn’t the end of great StarCraft action! Some of the other matches over the weekend were absolutely amazing. Some of notable series included Masa versus Firecake, Neeb versus Snute and of course the intense finale of Hydra versus Neeb . The entire weekend was full of intense games and amazing storylines, the overall success of the event was so great that it will be tough for the upcoming DreamHack Tours to live up to!

 DreamHack Tours

DreamHack Tours will be a special treat for StarCraft viewers. Unlike in Austin, Tours isn’t just a large open bracket competition. DreamHack Tours will feature the WCS: Spring Circuit Championship, the winner of which will receive a direct seed to the WCS Global Playoffs at Blizzcon. The brackets for this championship are absolutely stacked, here’s a quick preview of who and what to expect from this weekend’s DreamHack Tours!


PtitDrogo: The French Connection

Call us out for bias all you want but it is no joke that PtitDrogo is a strong contender to go far in DreamHack Tours. PtitDrogo has shown great strength after our switch over to Legacy of the Void and was even able to pick up a DreamHack championship title earlier this year in Leipzig. As of late his results aren’t quite as impressive but this man undeniably has a great grasp of how to play StarCraft in Legacy of the Void.


Polt, Hydra and Violet: The Korean Crew

I would be lying if I didn’t say that there was a high likelihood for a Korean born player to win this tournament. The three Korean players who have qualified for this event are Polt, Hydra and Violet. Polt and Hydra are clear favourites to win any StarCraft competition that they enter but Violet is a bit more of a dark horse. There is no debating that Violet is an amazingly skilled individual, but it seems that he just hasn’t quite been able to reach the same levels of  success in Legacy of the Void that he has in the past. Our past few WCS event have shown that the foreigner crowd can keep up with and take series’ from their Korean counterparts but never count these three out of the competition.


Neeb: A Literal God

Neeb has been a rising star in the foreigner StarCraft community for a while now but until very recently most of his successes have been dismissed by analysts because of his lack of success at large scale offline tournaments. Neeb’s recent second place finish at DreamHack Austin has people changing their opinions though and to be perfectly honest I could see him winning this entire event. Neeb has been one of the most consistent forces on the American ladder as well as having great results in online tournaments, he just needs to be able to translate those online successes to the booth.


Bly and Nerchio: The Online Champions

There are few players who have as much of an online presence as Bly and Nerchio. The two former Team Acer players have a long history of cleaning up online cups and this is something that has only increased with the arrival of Legacy of the Void. Both Bly and Nerchio play in similar aggressive styles and can feature some very innovative and creative build orders. Bly and Nerchio are two people that you rarely will want to meet up with in a best of series because of all the different tactics they can use against you. Predictability of your opponent is always a good thing to know about and it is very difficult to predict what these two Zerg players will do to you. These two seem a little underrated going into the Spring Circuit Championship, make sure to watch out for them!


Has: The Man Who Broke Kaelaris 

Speaking of unpredictable opponents, next we have Has. Has is a Protoss player who hasn’t really done anything of note since the launch of Legacy of the Void but he is someone who you can NEVER underestimate. His signature style of play is cheese and his strategies are nothing short of confusing. It is likely that Has will be eliminated somewhat early in the tournament but even though most if not all other qualified players are mechanically better than him playing a best of series versus Has is not an enviable position to be put in. For reference, this is Iaguz’s reaction to facing Has in last year’s WCS Premier.


Harstem: The Never Ending Year

The #YearOfHarstem has been a prophecy that we have been hearing about for a while but this might be the time it actually happens. Harstem is hot off a championship win in the Gold Series International (WCS Shanghai) and he is looking to follow this up with a DreamHack victory this weekend. Harstem had a great start to his year but we will see if he is able to continue with this success or if it was a flash in the pan.


PuCK: The Disruptor King

PuCK is someone who is undeniably a strong player but has not yet reached the levels of success that some people have expected from him. Ever since the transition to Legacy of the Void PuCK has been having great results in online tournaments as well as performing well playing cross server on the Korean ladder but he hasn’t yet been able to translate those successes into notable results offline. PuCK isn’t exactly an obvious choice if you were to pick a winner but he is someone who can take a series off of any of the people present.


The Return of Scarlett

Scarlett has always been a fan favourite player and she is back from her brief stint of retirement! She has been one of the most dominating forces in the American ladder scene but unfortunately hasn’t been able to translate these online successes to wins in large tournaments. She has been training in Korea as of late though and this is our first time since to see her competing in a major event. Watch out for Scarlett this weekend, we will soon get to see if her Korean training is paying off.

The most important thing to note about this tournament is that because of the qualifier format literally any of these players could realistically be a contender to win it all. There isn’t a single player seeded into these brackets that I would count out, and just because we didn’t mention them above doesn’t mean that they have no chance of making it!


Make sure you tune in this weekend for DreamHack Tours and cheer for PtitDrogo as he fights his way through the brackets!

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