Dreamhack Winter 2015 Preview: StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void

Dreamhack has been largely recognized as one of the largest ongoing LAN events in the world. Every event has the best talent the world has to offer. From big names in Korea, to the Foreign hopes that are alive abroad. With every event, comes some of the best stories in E-sports. Remember that year when we had the summer of Taeja? When Team Liquid's Hero would build a "handsome" reputation at these events. mYinsanity has had it's fair share of great players at these events, and Dreamhack Winter 2015 will be no different.

As Dreamhack’s first event coming into “Legacy of the Void” we are proud to have Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti and Theo “PtitDrogo” Freydiere representing mYinsanity this time around. Reynor is a “next generation” player, being the youngest in the tournament. Not to be counted out though, he has made deep runs in previous Dreamhack’s. PtitDrogo is also a familiar face in this major LAN as he’s shown up on several occasions also making deep runs himself. The format this time around will roster 24 players. They will be divided into 4 groups of 6 where they will duke it out with each other in Best of 3’s (Bo3). The top 3 players of each group will then be advancing to the final stage, also known as the playoffs. In the double-elimination bracket the top player from each group will then be put into the winner brackets, where the remainder will be put into the loser brackets. In the first phase of the playoffs, they will be playing in a Best of 5 (Bo5) to determine the winner. In the Grand Finals, the last 2 contestants will then be playing a Best of 7 (Bo7) to crown the champion. The prize pool distribution will be handed down to all the qualifying players that move onto the playoffs. The distribution (in USD) will be as followed; • 1st $20,000 • 2nd $10,000 • 3rd $ 5,000 • 4th $ 3,000 • 5th-6th$ 2,000 • 7th-8th $ 1,500 • 9th-12th $ 1,250 A rare occasion, there will be a minimal Korean presence in this competition, leaving the door open for a foreigner to step up and be crowned champion. Who will it be? Reynor? PtitDrogo? I mean we couldn’t fathom the idea of someone else. We know better than that. Reynor had recently played in Nation Wars 3 for his home country of Italy and although his team lost the qualifying series against Ukraine 3-4, Reynor was one game away from a team kill by defeating Bly, Kas, and

Dimaga in the first 3 games. Going into Dreamhack Winter 2015 on a hot streak, here is what he had to say about his performance in Nation Wars 3…   You looked strong out there, how did Legacy of the Void feel compared to Heart of the Swarm?

Legacy of the Void is a lot more fun than Heart of the Swarm in every way. Not much else I can say on that 😀

  This seemed a tough loss for your team. Do you still feel like you learned a lot moving forward?

Yeah it was a tough loss and the whole time I was thinking, “alright I have to win this”. Unfortunately my nerves got to the best to me, I won’t lie. I sure learned a lot moving forward. The game is still pretty new after all.

  Although being so young, do you feel like you’re going to become more active after this event?

Absolutely!? I will be participating in Dreamhack Winter 2015, and after that I will be competing to participate in as many tournaments as I possibly can.

What match-up are you having most fun with? Why?

It’s a tie actually. ZvZ because I’m pretty good in that match up. I like ZvP right now as well. Lurkers pretty good (chuckles).

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