E-Sports Returns to Switzerland!

Switzerland will be host to yet another e-sports attraction! The Swiss Gaming Challenge is a tournament taking place at Fantasy Basel, the Swiss Comic Con. During this three day event the top players and teams will battle it out on stage in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and FIFA 16. The Swiss Gaming Challenge is guaranteed to give all e-sports fans a proper dose of thrills and excitement!

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday 5th May: CS:GO

1st Place

  • CHF 1’000.–
  • 5x Intel Compute Sticks each to the value of CHF 150.–

2nd Place:

  • CHF 500.–
  • 5x HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming headset from Kingston each to the value of CHF 100.–


Friday 6th May: FIFA 16 & Hearthstone


1st Place FIFA:

  • CHF 400.–
  • ASUS ROG GX700-Notebook worth CHF 4’499.–

2nd Place FIFA:

  • CHF 200.–
  • ROG Swift PG348Q from ASUS worth CHF 1299.-
  • HyperX Savage SSD 240GB from Kingston worth CHF 180.-


1st Place Hearthstone:

  • CHF 400.–
  • GeForce GTX 980 Ti from ASUS worth CHF 700. –
  • HyperX Pro Gaming Chair from Kingston worth CHF 350.–

2nd Place Hearthstone:

  • CHF 200.–
  • Z170 PRO GAMING from ASUS worth CHF 150.–


Saturday 7th May: League of Legends

1st Place:

  • CHF 1’000.–
  • 5x MTV mobile Freedom Swiss sub (12 months) each to the value of CHF 540.–
  • 5x Intel Barebone NUC (Mini-PC) from Intel each to the value of CHF 500.–
  • 5x Intel Compute Sticks each to the value of CHF 150.–

2nd Place:

  • CHF 500.-
  • 5x HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming headset each with a value of CHF 100.–


Each tournament will consist of four players/teams that will battle for these amazing prizes.
Only qualifying players may participate.
Starting next weekend, two online qualifiers will take place for each game.



Take the challenge and sign up here: http://www.swissgamingchallenge.ch/en/tournaments/registration/



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