Ekko Staak joins mYinsanity!

We at mYinsanity are excited to announce a new addition to our team: Ekko Staak, a Streamer and Hearthstone player from Berlin, Germany!

Ekko Staak has been streaming on Twitch since the closed beta of Hearthstone. He was a fan of drafting in Magic: The Gathering before the arena gamemode hooked him instantly.

Before long, streaming became more than a hobby for him. He likes to entertain and to be connected with others  in ways that allow him to grow and improve as a player, streamer and professional.

We at mYinsanity see a lot of potential in Ekko and we believe he will bring many great opportunities and growth to the organization.



Ekko is just as ecstatic as we are to be part of the organization. Here is what he had to say:

How do you feel now that you have been picked up by mYinsanity?
As a veteran gamer I feel honored! mYi is professional gaming with old school roots and famed for friendliness. I am very happy to be part of this team!

What are you most excited about?
Arena in Hearthstone is getting better with every expansion. So we will have a guaranteed source of fun for the best gamemode in the near future.
I am always looking forward to new opportunities and being able to spend a lot of time on innovative projects this year. I am very excited about all the possibilities!

What is next? Have you set any goals for yourself?
Since I consider myself an amateur player I am very interested in filling the gap between casual players and professional ones. It would be awesome to get more people in contact with the professional scene to continue to grow this great community.

Catch Ekko’s Twitch stream HERE

Follow Ekko on Twittter HERE

Like Ekko on Facebook HERE


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