ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship – Katowice Preview

The weekend is fast approaching as the finest Heroes teams in Europe, including our own, gather in Katowice to compete for a $100,000 prize pool and a shot at the Global Championship in Seoul, Korea.

The event this weekend at IEM will be a chance for all the top teams to prove who came out ahead after the huge roster shuffle in EU. Our own team found the perfect match early with HasuObs and Splendour, but other teams have had a much harder time finalizing their roster.

After a dizzying announcement that they were releasing their entire roster except for CEBKAJE, Virtus.Pro looked to be all but dead. In spite of that, they have come back strong with three out of the five original members competing for the team at Katowice.

Team Liquid, after the devastating loss of the Durán brothers, searched carefully for replacements until finally landing on former G2 superstar Jowe and Spanish player Shad, only announcing their final roster two weeks ago. Fnatic and Dignitas swapped players back and forth before deciding on the best fit, Wubby to Dignitas, Atheroangel to Fnatic. In the end, all the teams have finally landed in a comfortable place, but this weekend will determine who found the best synergy.


Our own team traveled out to the mYi house in Switzerland this past weekend to bootcamp and shore up their weaknesses as a team. Once there, they were given an opportunity to answer some questions about their progress as a team over Twitter.

Personally, I made sure to inquire into the details of their facial hair and suggest some team-building exercises, but the team also gave responses on who the best cook was and their thoughts on the NA Spring Championship. Even though bootcamp is coming to a close, make sure to cheer on the players and support them via Twitter.

“The team morale feels great, the bootcamp helped us a lot to become a single unit. Blumbi, darkmok and I had played together for a long time already, but it helped with bringing in Hasu & Splendour. We’ve been practicing since the February 20th and we hope we can make it to Korea for the Spring Global Championship.” – Nurok discussing the team’s recent bootcamp

At the event, we can expect the team to show off the dynamic play they’ve become known for. Expect to see some trademark Cho’Gall from Blumbi and darkmok if the situation presents itself, and keep an eye open for Nurok’s formidable Greymane shredding through enemy lines. Study the calculated positioning and movements of HasuObs, especially on Valla and Kael’Thas, and watch how Splendour completely changes a composition with his choice of healer and complex drafting strategies. All in all, the team is likely to give us a treat no matter who you’re watching!

“We hope we make it, rather, we’re pretty confident we can make it. Our group stage is the toughest trial right now. If we pass that, we will beat Liquid or fnatic in the semis.” – Nurok’s thoughts heading in Group play

The action starts Saturday, March 5th at 12:00pm EST, when mYinsanity takes on Epsilon in their first series of Group A. All Heroes matches will be streamed on ESL’s Heroes channel, so be sure to check them out! The Group Stage will be played in a Dual Tournament format with Bo3 series. The top two teams from each group will go on to play in a single elimination Playoffs bracket, with the finals being a Bo5. At the end of the weekend, two teams will walk away with a ticket to the Global Championship, but only one team can be crowned the best in Europe. Make sure to tune in, cheer for our team, and continue to support them on Twitter!

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