“Fight Night #8” March 1st, 2015 Results

If you haven’t been watching Team Gravity’s “Fight Night” on Hitbox.TV, you’ve been missing out.  Leading into the eighth week, Team Gravity have been hosting a weekly event with popular and very high level players.  Each Fight Night includes two preliminary match series (best of five), and one main event match (best of seven).  The winners of the preliminary matches each win $10, and the winner of the main event is awarded $60.

Featured in this week’s preliminary matches were Kelazhur vs. Harstem and DesRow vs. Fenner.  Followed by the main event which was Rain vs. SuperNova.


Kelazhur vs. Harstem Highlights

In the first match series between Kelazhur and Fnatic’s Harstem, Harstem became the first contender on Team Gravity’s Fight Night to win a preliminary series 3-0.  He had some great decision making and maintained solid macro and micro, to take the series by storm.


DesRow vs. Fenner Highlights

The second preliminary series of the night showcased two notable streamers and great community personalities in Desrow vs. Fenner.  Completely unexpected, the trash talk started quickly between the two players.

Fenner replied to DesRow “he didn’t prepare at all” for the match.  While DesRow struck back stating he would “take the series easy” implying there was no need to prepare.

Desrow did in fact take a quick 2-0 lead with some good immortal play, but Fenner had something to say about that and countered with some cheesy play to get on the board 2-1.  Fenner then followed up game four with heavy roach, zergling aggression.  After wearing down DesRow’s army, Fenner made a sneaky mutalisk transition. This was too much for DesRow to hold, which resulted in Fenner evening up the series 2-2.

In the last match, Fenner tried to buck the trend and play aggressively with swarmhosts.  Although, having his swarm hosts off creep was a risk and DesRow made him pay by pushing the swarmhosts back easily with void rays and dark Templars.

Shortly after, DesRow countered to victory and took the series 3-2. Well played by both players.


Rain vs. SuperNova

mYinsanity’s own Rain vs Root’s SuperNova headlined this week’s event.  The two have very little history playing each other, however the last notable match was during the round of eight in WCS Korea back in 2013.  Rain took that series 3-2, so this match was highly anticipated by everyone.

Rain is a Code S level protoss player, who is currently ranked #5 in the WCS Standings.  He is known for his very strong, standard play style and currently has a 67% win rate against Terran.  SuperNova is another world renowned Korean player, who plays Terran and currently has a 54% win rate against protoss.  Recently taking out Patience in a previous Fight Night, SuperNova is not a force to be taken lightly.  This was to be a great series and here is how it went down:

Game 1

Map – Catallena

Rain opened into his standard macro style.  Going into colossus tech, Rain shut down almost all the drop harass from Supernova, and split his army perfectly to stop the multi prong attacks.  Rain then safely took his 3rd base, and built up to his ideal army composition.  Knowing that SuperNova would be behind from the lack of damage dealt with his drop harass, Rain moved out to attack.

Although the first engagement went poorly for Rain, he had enough zealots to do substantial damage to SuperNova’s economy.  Rain was forced to take a step back, and added some high templars to his army.  Once storm tech was done upgrading, he made a second push and stormed to victory.

Game 2

Map – Vaani Research Station

In game two, SuperNova decided to stray away from the standard play and went for a double proxy barracks.  Unfortunately, Rain also decided to go for a more cheesy strategy by skipping the essential early game scout and went straight for a proxy stargate.  Being caught incredibly off guard, Rain was forced to pull his probes and soon was forced to GG out.

Game 3

Map – Overgrowth

In this match, Rain scouted his main very thoroughly for proxy play as he was afraid of more cheesy play from SuperNova.  After seeing he was in the clear, Rain opened with a standard fast expand build into a dark templar drop.  SuperNova had pulled even more tricks out of his hat, and placed his factory and starport in a proxy position hiding his imminent widow mine drop.  As SuperNova made a pronged attack with some marines at Rain’s natural base, the widow mine drop went unnoticed and resulted in getting multiple probe kills.

Rain quickly followed up with his dark templar drop, catching SuperNova’s turretless main off guard.  After doing some good damage, Rain slowed down his harassment and used his godly macro to pull ahead.  Although losing more workers to a couple of good widow mine drops, Rain was able to take the victory with his solid macro play.

Game 4

Map – Secret Spring

SuperNova continued his proxy shenanigans again in game four, and opened this match with a single proxy barracks used for reaper aggression.  Although SuperNova did catch Rain off guard, Rain used some excellent micro resulting in him losing only one probe.  After the reapers slowly got shut down, SuperNova followed up with a proxy factory which he floated into the main base of Rain.  It looked like mines were back on the menu which was somewhat unfortunate for Rain, who had been gearing up for a three gateway blink all-in and skipping out on any detection.

Rain suffered multiple probe losses as he scrambled to warp in a forge so he could add a cannon to his mineral line.  Rain then quickly countered with his blink stalkers, knowing that SuperNova wouldn’t have much at home to defend with.  With some excellent blink micro, Rain was able to take another map and bring himself one game away from winning the series.

Game 5

Map – Inferno Pools

In what would be the last match of the series, both players opened fairly standard.  Rain used his very strong standard play to his advantage, and once again completely dominated SuperNova’s drop harass and multi-pronged attacks.  After a few good engagements, Rain was able to pull ahead and march to victory taking the series 4-1.


Until Next Week

Thank you to Team Gravity for holding another great Fight Night.  There were some very entertaining series on this night, and they were all well played by all participants.

GG to Rain for playing admirably, and taking out SuperNova in a very decisive victory.  VODS of the event will be added as they become available!

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