Genesis 4 – Preview

On January 20th, one of the largest Smash tournaments will begin. Genesis 4, set in the San Jose Convention Center, is the next in the prestigious Genesis tournament series.

The series is integral to the history of Melee, has a variety of Smash titles, and has had great reception from players and spectators alike. To many, this tournament series was the introduction to how large Smash truly was. Genesis 4 will look to continue that tradition.


Genesis was a tournament series created in 2009 by the North Californian group known as DBR. The original Genesis was the world’s introduction to Melee’s current #1, Adam “Armada” Lindgren. The Swedish Peach player made a monstrous run through singles. The tournament looked like a runaway victory. Yet, after an extensive run through loser’s bracket, Joseph “Mang0” Marquez overtook him in Grand Finals. Since then, every Genesis has ended with a Grand Finals of Armada vs Mang0, with Armada coming out on top. The rivalry between these two players has become legendary for Melee fans, and every Genesis is a chance to revisit it. However, this may be the year where the tradition is disrupted.


Genesis 4 has the greatest amount of potential champions Melee has seen in a long time. Not only is there Mang0 and Armada, but other serious contenders for 1st. Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma has been going back and forth with both of these players for years. However, a finger injury might just hold him back from claiming first. After visiting a doctor, he has a new splint that allows him to play as much as he can. It may just keep him stable long enough to pull through. That is, if the injury does not distract or worry him too much. Even with all that, it should be no surprise we will likely see Hungrybox in the top 8.

There is also the resurgence of Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, who is fresh off of his victory at Smash Conference LXIX. While M2K has a rough history with the loser’s bracket, he has been reversing the trend. The last half of 2016 saw a player who kept his head in the game longer than usual. Even earlier, we saw signs of the return of the calculating and focused Mew2King, as his matches have become closer than ever before. If Mew2King can keep his head in the game, we may see a player that can not be stopped.

Another possible contender is William “Leffen” Hjelte. After a long period of visa issues, Leffen is back to prove dominance on the American side of the pond. His integration back into the US Melee scene has been bumpy, with placings ranging from 1st to 17th. As he participates in more US tournaments, his placings have had consistent growth upwards. Genesis might be his opportunity to prove that the visa rust is no longer holding him back.

Finally, there is a bit of a wildcard this year. Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett has had an interesting 2016. A consistent number of top 8 rankings have gained Wizzrobe some respect among the Melee elite, and a player to look out for. Yet, he has gone under the radar as a true contender for 1st. Though, his cognitive style of Captain Falcon is nothing to scoff. Smash Conference LXIX showed what Wizzrobe can do when he is on top of his game. If he can pull it out of him, we may just have a Captain Falcon take a major.

While these are the players to look out for, there is no shortage of potential winners for Genesis 4. The list is quite extensive this year, with the skill gaps between players shrinking over the course of 2016. Possible contenders also include: Plup, Westballz, SFAT, Axe, Ice, PewPewU, Nintendude, Swedish Delight, n0ne, and much more. The only certainty is that top 32 will be challenging for all players, and quite the show for spectators.

Full tournament details can be found on their page.

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