Get to know our new HearthStone players – Interview with CleanBandit, Nerdlol and EntryFee

Many of you may ask yourselves "Who are these new HearthStone players mYinsanity picked up a few weeks ago?" We managed to catch up with CleanBandit, Nerdlol and EntryFee recently to get to know them and have an opportunity to introduce themselves.

Hello, would you mind introducing yourself to the fans?

EntryFee:Hello, my name is Marcel Burri, I’m 27 years old and I live in a small village in Bern, Switzerland. I was a big fan of card games for a long time in my life. The game I played most was Yu-Gi-Oh, as part of my team Complexity Card Gaming, before getting into HearthStone at the end of the beta. I do still enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh.”

Nerdlol:Hello, my name is Elia, I am 23 years old and I live in Bern, Switzerland.”

CleanBandit:Hello, my name is Tieng “CleanBandit” Tran and I come from Switzerland.”


How did you get into competitive Hearthstone?

EntryFee:I played HearthStone mostly as a casual player, and for most of the time I didn’t really participate in tournaments. That changed a bit in 2015 when I played some tournaments, like the EU vs. CN qualifier where I won the second qualifier and could participate in the grand final in China. That was the first time I saw personally what competitive HearthStone was all about and I really enjoyed that experience.
Nevertheless I didn’t see myself a competitive pro player after that, and I also didn’t participate in that much more tournaments. At the end of 2015 I felt like HearthStone was getting bigger in Switzerland and more of my friends started playing it seriously. Thanks to my results at this year’s Switzerland tournament where I got 2nd I also got the chance to join mYinsanity and decided that I want to try playing the game more competitive, at least on a national level.”

Nerdlol:I’ve been playing HearthStone since the closed beta. Since then, I mostly played on the ladder, but about half a year I started to attend online and offline tournaments.”

CleanBandit:After a Switzerland HearthStone Tournament in Bern called ButterLan where I placed 2nd.”


EntryFee vs Xyuan in the Round of 16 | CN vs EU Season 2


How would you describe your playstyle? Any favorite decks?

EntryFee:I prefer slower control decks over aggro decks. I also try to build decks as consistent as possible to minimize the number of RNG effects you have to use. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that my all-time-favorites in HearthStone were decks like Miracle and Oil Rogue, Patron Warrior or Freeze Mage.”

Nerdlol: “I really like control decks as well. My favorite deck is by far Control Warrior. On the ladder I tend to play a more aggressive playstyle. Zoolock is my weapon of choice regarding fast laddering.”

CleanBandit:At the moment I can’t really describe my playstyle. The problem is the Meta, but on ladder I’m a very aggressive player because I want a really fast game. I play high-risk-high-reward passion, but in tournaments I like Control Decks more because it is interesting for a longer time. My favourite decks atm are Freeze Mage and Chicken Warrior.”


What’s your favorite card in the game?

EntryFee: “Golden Alexstrasza (yes, it must be golden xD).”

Nerdlol: “Ysera.”

CleanBandit: ”Ironbeak Owl, because it’s a f”cking beast.”


What is your favorite tournament format and why?

EntryFee: “Difficult to say as I didn’t play in that many tournaments, but I prefer formats where you can ban one deck. I think it makes building your own decks and line up way more strategic.”

Nerdlol: “Last Hero Standing is the most fun. If you have mastered one deck, you are able to beat the opponent with only this deck and it is more important to choose the right class at the right time. For example, in Conquest you need to have three decks and if one deck is not performing well for you on that day it ruins the tournament for you.”

CleanBandit: “At the moment I like the Last Hero Standing format because after you win, you know for sure what your enemy will play, and you can counter it.”


What do you think HearthStone lacks?

EntryFee: “I think some kind of complexity and more in-depth components of the game itself. A lot of decks are just very straight-forward (Secret Paladin or Druid are very good examples for that I think). I miss more combo oriented decks like for example what Patron Warrior used to be. I’d also appreciate to have more decks that don’t have to rely too much on RNG effects.”

Nerdlol: “Balanced card draw mechanics. Currently they are either too strong or too weak.”

CleanBandit: “HearthStone needs more cards that counter Secrets because at the moment Secret cards are pretty strong. For example the cards included in the Secret Paladin or Freeze Mage decks.”


What are your ambitions for 2016?

EntryFee: “My personal goals for 2016 are to participate in more online and offline tournaments to gain more experience and get to meet new people. Right now I only know very few people from the Swiss community and I feel like the game is growing and it would be great to meet new people with the same passion. As for the game itself, it would be nice to get enough points to at least participate in the World Championship qualifiers and then see where that will lead.”

Nerdlol: “Gather a lot of World Championship Points and rock the Swiss offline tournaments.”

CleanBandit: “The HearthStone World Championship and win some invitational tournaments.”


Any final words or shoutouts?

EntryFee: “Of course, shoutouts to my friends and my teammates.”

Nerdlol: “Big thanks to mYi and my HearthStone teammates!”

CleanBandit: “Yeah! Shoutouts to my team members on mYinsanity and our sponsors Logitech G, Bison, G2A and Esport Clothing. Also, the Hearthstone Switzerland Facebook Group! If you live in Switzerland, check it out.”


We all wish the new mYinsanity HearthStone players the best and look forward to their accomplishments in 2016 by our side.

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