Goodbye StarDust!

Today mYinsanity has to announce the departure of one of our most loyal and successful members to date. With StarDust we are losing not only a great player but also a good friend, whom we will always remember.

Where would mYinsanity be now without StarDust? We can’t tell, but he certainly helped our team becoming what we are now. Starting with his unexpected victory at Dreamhack: Summer 2013 up to taking the championship at the WCS Europe 2014 Season 2, he scored a slew of great results under mYinsanity. With his omnipresence in the European Starcraft 2 scene he quickly became the face of our Starcraft 2 Division. StarDust isn’t only a great player, he has also turned into a huge fan-favorite with his willingness to speak English in almost every interview and also commenting his ladder practice on English from time to time on his stream. mYinsanity and StarDust part ways amicably; after one and a half years StarDust wanted to make a step into a new direction as he will move to the US to participate in the WCS Premier America. mYinsanity wishes StarDust the very best for the upcoming year and we hope that he will be able to grab himself some more trophies for his cabinet!


Some of StarDusts greatest achievements under mYinsanity:

#1 WCS 2014 Season 2 Europe #1 Dreamhack Open: Summer 2013 #1 ESET Masters 2013 #1 Fragbite Masters 2013

Statement from StarDust:

I am feeling very melancholic, I was in mYinsanity for 1 year and six months and it was probably the most brilliant time in my life. When i joined mYinsanity both the team and me were unknowns and now as the time elapsed we became one of the most successful Starcraft 2 teams in the scene. This is something we achieved together, which is exceptional for me. mYinsanity gave me the time i needed to become what i am now. It fills me with pride that i was able to be a part of it. But now it is time to leave the team and move on. Thanks everybody who supported me in the last one and a half years! This wont be the end … see you ~! Don’t be disappointed that i don’t mention every person, that i met while playing for mYi, as you know i will always keep you guys in my heart!   Statement ScooTer, Manager mYi.sc2: StarDust was the backbone of our Starcraft 2 team since we started to go professional with signing Tarson and StarDust back in 2013. We took a big risk with signing a fairly unknown korean player back then but it shortly paid off with StarDusts incredible run at the Dreamhack: Summer 2013. It was always a pleasure to work with a guy such as StarDust, not only online but also

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at offline tournaments. I will never forget attending tournaments like the HSC, various Dreamhacks or the Ogaming Summerparty together with StarDust, not only because he achieved great results there he also always was the guy to hang out with. Nothing more to say than that I wish StarDust the very best for his future, wherever it will lead him!  

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