Heroes Global Championship 2017 EU Open Division Cup #2 – Breathing New Life

The second week of the HGC Open Division has completed, and it has only reinforced the feeling of a revived iteration of this competition.

With our Heroes team unavailable to play in Cup #2, there was no clear favorite to be identified. While many series that took place over the two day event were quite one-sided (42 series being won with a 2-0 result out of 46), it’s outcome was clearly not the same as two weeks ago in Cup #1. Another fact that was confirmed, is that Blizzard’s new formula is proving to be successful. Giving registered teams a chance to make their esport dreams a reality, resulted in a boosted motivation from all participants, and very engaging games for fans, and casters alike. This is definitely a good sign for the future of Heroes esports, as also evidenced by Twitch viewer statistics showing steady growth.

While the general level of play throughout Cup #2 was fairly high, a few teams managed to rise from the ranks and move closer to the Playoffs taking place in May. Let’s have a look at some of them.

It would be wrong not to start with the team that would eventually win first place in Cup #2, Tossers. This roster has surprised many with their performance, and let’s be honest, they were not a team seen by many as the big favorite going into Cup #2. Unlike other teams fielding some veteran Heroes esport players, Tossers mostly contains members who have not been seen much in the past. Managing to win all of their series decisively throughout the tournament, Tossers took home $600 USD and 120 HGC Points in a nail biter of a final series versus Team Polska. It is also worth mentioning that Tossers took the victory with style, as they showcased a composition including Zul’Jin (one of the latest Heroes to join the Nexus) in their first game of the series.


Tossers making the final push against Team Polska in Game 3!


Team Polska, led by former Excelente Eleccion member “Mopsio”, made their way to the Finals while showing some very interesting plays. With communication and team synergy through Cup #2 being on point, they exit the tournament with 70 HGC Points and are a team to watch out for heading into Cup #3.

Coming in third place was Team Zealot. After a very strong showing in Cup #1, Team Zealot did not perform as many viewers and analysts expected them to in Cup #2. While they put up a good fight in the earlier stages of the bracket, by winning all of their series 2-0, they were stopped in their tracks by Team Polska in the semi-finals. The roster which has several well known Heroes players like “Atheroangel” and “GranPkt” to name just a few, did not manage to find the key to victory against the Polish team. Needless to say that they will have to step up their play if they want to keep their lead in the standings.

The fourth team that should be mentioned is Team MÄÄ. This all-Swedish roster already created a stir two weeks ago, by making their way to the Grand Finals and leaving the tournament with a second place finish and 70 HGC Points. While their performance in Cup #2 was not as good as their last appearance on the scene, it is still fair to say that Team MÄÄ is a serious contender in this competition.

As we now head into Cup #3 of the HGC EU Open Division 2017, let’s not forget that it’s still early and that the chance to join the Top 8 European teams is still up for grabs. The creation of a fully formed league that allows players to compete against one another on a regular basis and with real benefits, is a great way of improving the level of an entire region. This is true for any sport (electronic or not), and it is not an overstatement to say that truly any team has the opportunity to join the likes of Fnatic, Misfits, Dignitas and all other top European teams.

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