IEM Katowice 2017 StarCraft 2 Preview

From March 3rd to March 5th, Katowice will once again host the Intel Extreme Masters at the Spodek Arena.

In the past five years the Intel Extreme Masters have visited the city of Katowice, we’ve seen the event become larger with every edition. It has rapidly become one of the epicenters of esports in Europe. For mYinsanity’s PtitDrogo, IEM Katowice will be the first big stop in the 2017 season. Drogo’s bracket is tough, but doable. When looking at Drogo’s bracket, we see some strong players in there like Ryung, Namshar and InZaNe. Whereas each of those players are accomplished in their own right, Ptitdrogo certainly is no slouch either.

Just over a week ago we saw a tweet showing us the recent results of Drogo laddering on his main account and to say his PvZ seems to be on point might be an understatement. When asked for comment he said he “feels really good about the matchup”.

His PvT is his self-proclaimed hardest matchup, however it does seem to be holding up nicely. When Drogo was asked about his view on the matchup, he said he “finds it hard to practice this particular matchup because of the shortage of Terrans in Europe”. His opening match in Katowice will be versus a Terran, so it will be a good opportunity to boost his confidence going into the tournament if he wins.

When talking about his PvP, Drogo said he “believes it’s getting to a point where it will be good and is confident that he’ll be decent at it sooner rather then later”.

You can see his form might not be perfect, but keep in mind we’re just seeing a small sample size of thirty games. When further analyzing the bracket of Drogo, there might be a possibility of him facing several Terrans. The group stages will certainly be challenging, but we at mYinsanity have confidence in the skill set of our French Protoss! We wish him the best of luck.

If we take a look at the other brackets, it’s pretty clear we’ll be seeing some very exciting matches once more. Starting with the Round of 64 bracket 1 of the tournament we can see Stats, TLO, DnS and Bly as the most recognized players. After his most recent tear through several strong players at Nation Wars IV we all know Bly isn’t to be underestimated. Stats is a powerhouse player and always a force to be reckoned with. He’s been playing a lot of online cups and will surely provide stiff competition for all his opponents. Doctor Dario, mister creative himself, is also a well known and extremely versatile opponent. After his recent performances, he’ll be eager to prove his status as a contender. The Dutch Protoss Harstem has had some up and down performances in the past, but his level has always been high. We can expect him to bring his “A” game to Katowice. Denver is an up and coming player who has been very active in the French scene and is looking to expand his renown through Europe by making some headway at the Intel Extreme Masters. Lambo is no stranger to the competitive environment and will try to push his way to the next stage of play. Rounding out the group as most likely the strongest competitor, we have Team Liquid’s Snute. A top foreigner and a finalist of IEM Katowice in 2016, he’ll be looking to claim the number 1 spot.

In the second bracket we see a lot of talent from the European scene. We have Elazer, who’ll be looking to qualify once more as the top player and advance to Blizzcon directly this year. Heromarine’s showings on Twitch through streaming have been dedicated, solid play and he’ll be itching to showcase his skill. HateMe and Optimus are both strong players and the will be looking to establish themselves in the scene. Optimus has recently signed with DeadPixels, so IEM provides him with a good opportunity to represent them. uThermal will be one of the strongest Terrans in the tournament and his bracket surely seems a very doable one. Expectations are high for him to get out of group play.

The third bracket is a very strong one and is currently lining up to be one you can’t miss! We have a who’s who of Starcraft. Nerchio, Bunny, Losira, jjakji and Gumiho all in the same bracket. This one should be fireworks. I’d expect to see Nerchio arrive in the finals though, with Losira, jjakji, or Gumiho as his opponent there.

The tournament as you can see, is loaded with top-tier talent as usual. The brackets are stacked, but there are already 12 qualified players who will be awaiting the other 12 players who qualify through bracket-play. We have Byun, Solar and Hero in Group A, Group B consists of Neeb, TY and Alive. Looking at Group C we’ve got Zest, True and Serral waiting for their competition to arrive. Last but certainly not least there is Group D with Dark, Showtime and Innovation. To say we’re headed into a highly anticipated tournament would be an understatement. Katowice will be the first big proving ground of 2017 for Starcraft 2 and we can only be happy and wait in anticipation of what’s to come!

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