Interview with mYinsanity’s RiSky

We are glad to present RiSky, our newest Zerg addition to mYinsanity's StarCraft 2 team!

Heya Risky, welcome to mYinsanity. Maybe you can start by introducing yourself to the people who might not know you?

Hello! Thanks, I’m very excited to join and be a part of such a well established team like mYinsanity. As mentioned my name is RiSky, and I’m a British Zerg player currently residing around top 50 GM on the European ladder. I tend to participate in online cups and qualifiers, as well some local UK lans with the occasional international tournament.

What would you say have been your biggest accomplishments so far?

I would say my most notable win as of late which some people might know me from, was the infamous showmatch between myself and Puck, which I won 4-1. I have also had high finishes in UK lans and reasonable performances in some international tournaments such as Dreamhack Valencia 2016. Unfortunately I’ve had a bit of bad luck in the international tournaments I’ve competed in, but I’m hoping that I can show some strong performances this year.

How did you come up on the mYi radar?

Actually I used to be in Yogmark’s old team back in the day, called Team Xperience. We kind of knew about each other from there and seeing as Yogmark is currently leading the SC2 division for mYinsanity, the ball got rolling. I was having some strong performances on ladder and in online cups, so we kind of just ended up talking to each other about it.

Do you have certain practice regimens or do you focus solely on ladder?

I tend to focus mostly on ladder, as most players do. It’s a very good tool for practice around my level as I usually am able to get practice against some of the best players on the ladder. Playing custom games is great too and I like to have a bit of variety when possible.

Thinking about what you have achieved so far, what are you aiming to achieve in the future?

One of my aims for this year is to qualify for Homestory Cup, luckily the next one has just been announced, so that will be my main goal in the coming months. I’m also planning to go to Dreamhack Valencia where I’m looking to get maybe a Round of 32 performance, with the possibility of a Round of 16 if I get a nice bracket. Other than that I would like to perform as well as possible for my team in online cups and clan matches.


Those goals seem nice and very doable. I’d like to welcome you to mYinsanity once again and look forward to see you compete under the mYi banner!


About the writer:
Tom ‘Terradin’ Peeters is a Starcraft 2 writer currently looking to provide in depth articles about Starcraft 2. He’ll be doing player interviews, guides and tournament reports.
Be sure to follow him on social media!

Twitter: @BelgianSC2
Facebook: BelgianSC2

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