Is the Murloc Paladin here to stay?

There has been a new trend in Paladin decks lately and it goes by aliases such as “Murkadin”, “Murlocadin”, or in full, "Murloc Paladin". The devil behind the names however, is the same. 

Many of you must have already encountered the before-mentioned deck in your ranked games and you were probably frustrated by the immense power of it. It’s true, “Murkadin” has the potential of a OTK (One-Turn-Kill) as it masses huge amounts of damage quickly. It’s power lies mostly upon a single card which is “Anyfin Can Happen”, that is available through the latest expansion “The League of Explorers” and it reads “Summon 7 murlocs that died this game”. This may sound harmless at first, but consider the cards that can synergise with this new one. The “Murloc Warleaders” and the “Grimscale Oracles” can boost the damage output of charge Murlocs such as “Bluegill Warrior” and “Old Murk-Eye”, who also gets boosted by all of the other Murlocs on the board.

“Murlocadin” is doing great against almost every match-up when played correctly, but it can get in trouble against Warriors if they manage to armor up, since they will move out of range for your potential one turn kill damage. You can avoid such situations by being more aggressive against Warriors in order to keep them in range for your finishing move.

The other difficult match-up is Freeze Mage, since Ice Block will manage to block your incoming one-time burst of damage and your Murlocs will then be exposed. Playing clever around Ice Block while watching out for his potential Alexstrasza drop, you should be able to finish your opponent off in the following turns with the use of weapons/another “ACH” or even a new hero power from “Sir Finley Mrrgglton”, depending on your deck variations.

Soon after “Anyfin Can Happen” was made available to players, Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk who plays for G2 Esports, shared a decklist on Twitter boasting a 67% winrate in the highest ranks of the legend ladder. You can watch ThijsNL play the deck here, and follow this guide to build the deck yourself to try out on ladder!


Top legend player and Paladin expert “Xzirez” says this about the deck…

“The deck is good and it has an insane damage burst, but I think it is a bit inconsistent. Most of the cards are situational and need to be played in pairs or having had other cards played earlier. It lacks good draw and early game removals.”

Even though the card is extremely powerful in Constructed Play, things are a lot different in the arena as it is an awful card due to the fact that the odds of drafting enough Murlocs to make this card valuable or even playable are close to zero. What we have yet to see is if this deck will continue to dominate the ladder, or if other trends like “Mill” or “Deathrattle” will take over. There are already community rumblings of a possible nerf to “Anyfin Can Happen” as well.


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