Jan “Mirrari” Jestribek leaves mYinsanity

Mirrari joined mYinsanity back in November of 2014, when he came over with Alesh from eSuba, a premier eSport organisation in the Czech Republic. Since that time he has been a positive influence towards his teammates and mYinsanity staff, playing in notable tournaments such as the 2015 Dreamhack Valenica HearthStone Championship. Today, we announce his departure from the team as he begins exploring other opportunities within the competitive HearthStone scene.

I had a chance to catch up with Mirrari to discuss his thoughts on leaving the team, and his plans for the future.


What is your favorite memory from your time here with mYinsanity?

Getting to hang out with the other Koreans on our team, as well as other teams at Dreamhack Winter 2015 was a lot of fun! Dreamhack Valencia 2015 was a great time too!


Thoughts on your future in competitive HearthStone?

I just felt that I needed a change of scenery, I’m actively exploring all of my options as I look for new possibilities within the community.


Do you have any parting words for mYinsanity before you ride out into the sunset?

I would like to say thank you to my teammates, especially FaKe and Alesh for helping me become a better player.  I’d also like to thank the mYinsanity organization and staff for all of their guidance during my stay.  A big thank you to PengWin, he always made me feel included in the team and was always looking out for me.

Thank you to all of the mYinsanity sponsors, Logitech G, Bison, G2A, and eSport Clothing for providing me with the support needed to play HearthStone.  It was, and always will be greatly appreciated!


Check out Mirrari’s “Control Warrior Guide” as well as follow him on Twitter and Twitch below as we wish him luck in all future endeavors!



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