JoinDota Day 1

The mYinsanity boys are continuing to provide a solid and exciting performance throughout the JoinDota League. The hype train is taking off and YOU need to get on board!

Since we last reported on our Dota 2 team’s  progress a month ago, they’ve had a very impressive run in the JoinDota League. They finished in second place with  a record of 15 wins and 3 losses. Their performance guaranteed them a spot in  the Division 2-3 playoffs.

Division 2-3 playoffs are played in a double elimination bracket system. First week, teams will play for a spot in the upper bracket finals, upper bracket finals and lower bracket elimination matches are played on the second week. Then on Easter week we’ll see lower bracket finals matches. Each round of finals will carry teams into Division 2, meaning 16 teams will be promoted to the Division 2, while the rest will go to Division 3.


On March 13th mYinsanity played their first match against Bertill All Stars . In the first match they picked a position 4 Nature’s Prophet for David davy Morf , leaving only Nicolas asharon Bizirianis  in the hard support role. Because of that, our boys didn’t do well in the early laning stage, since the lanes weren’t so strong and Dominic odom Esquivias’s Outworld Devourer was ganked very often. But, after the initial losses in the laning stage, Nature’s Prophet pick paid out and the mYi boys  started taking towers very quickly, resulting in complete map control for mYisanity and a victory in game 1.


Looking to replicate their performance from the Shanghai Major,  mYi picked an Enigma-Tidehunter combo (Enigma for David davy Morf  and Tidehunter for Michael VincentVega Solari.) Also, a mid Queen of Pain pick synergized extremely well with that combination in multiple occasions, giving mYi the quick burst damage that they needed. But again, that kind of lineup was more passive in comparison to Bertill All Stars’ and didn’t achieve that early map domination that they had in game 1. Nonetheless, as the game progressed, our team began to feel stronger and more confident, having Flurin “Flu” Bandli’s Clinkz and Dominic odom Esquivias’s Oueen of Pain as the top 2 net worth heroes. On the 69th minute, our boys inevitably took the bottom barracks and went for the Ancient, securing game 2 and advancing to the Upper Bracket finals next week.


Here is what our captain had to say regarding the victory:

“I am very pleased with our performance in these series, but we actually still haven’t achieved anything yet as we still need to win another series. That is why we want to stay focused and are looking forward to our future matches.”- David “davy” Morf

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