Jung “Rain” Yoon Jong departs mYinsanity

After just over a year playing for mYinsanity, Jung "Rain" Yoon Jong will be moving on in his StarCraft career. Although today we lose a great player and a great friend, we will be celebrating Rain's time with us as we look back on his accomplishments and experiences throughout his stay.

The Beginning

Rain’s eventual alliance with mYinsanity all began on September 11th 2014 when he declined to renew his contract with SK Telecom T1, which led to him leaving the team over two weeks later on September 30th 2014. During that period, mYi had been searching for it’s next big star and it just so happened that Rain’s availability couldn’t have come at a better time. Talks began and in the weeks that followed, mYinsanity secured what would be one of the greatest StarCraft players to ever play for a foreign team.  


Rain’s debut for mYinsanity at the 2014 Hot6ix Cup

His first appearance in an mYi jersey was during the 2014 Hot6ix Cup where he was seeded into Group B by advancing through the online qualifiers by taking out such notable players as Hack, Hurricane and Rogue. However that is as far as he would go before opting out of the round of 8 in order to play in IEM Season IX – San Jose, where he would attend his first premier tournament under the mYinsanity banner. Rain would close out 2014 with a second place finish behind herO in San Jose and would look ahead to 2015, which would become known as the most dominating year of his StarCraft career. mYinsanity CEO Cédric “Schloc” Schlosser had this to say about acquiring Rain back in 2014…

“We were looking for the next big step for mYi and Rain was just too good to not try to pick up. Thankfully after many negotiations we managed to change the dynamic of our team, and we were well on our way to proving to the community that Korean players could strive on a foreign team.”


2015 – The Reign of Rain

Rain opened up the new year by defeating the recently crowned 2014 Blizzcon champion Life, as well as Panic, to place first in Group C of the GSL Code S Season 1 round of 32. With more than a few weeks until his round of 16 matches, he attended just his third IEM event of his career in Taipei. Rain would defeat Classic and Harstem in the group stage of IEM Taipei, but fall to Soulkey during the quarter finals in a scrappy 2-3 series.  


Rain flashing that million dollar smile

Returning to Korea to play his GSL Code S Season 1 round of 16 matches in late February, Rain dropped both series to Rogue and Dream which would land him in GSL Code A for Season 2. Rain would find himself with plenty of time before his next GSL match, and again, would compete in another IEM event. This time it was the IEM World Championship in Katowice, where he was reserved a spot by finishing second in San Jose as mentioned above. Unfortunately for our Protoss hero, he was eliminated during the first round by FanTaSy and would now pack his bags for Europe to compete in the Gfinity Spring Masters I and the Copenhagen Games. In both tournaments Rain would be knocked out in the semifinals by PartinG and FanTaSy respectively, which would allow him to focus on his upcoming GSL Code A Season 2 match versus Cure. Little did he know, that this would be the first step that season which would lead him to his first GSL Code S Championship! On April 9th, Rain faced Cure in Group E and would walk away with a 3-1 series win. The win would send Rain back up to the GSL’s Code S and the round of 32 where he defeated GuMiho and Sorry in Group A, to move on to Group B in the round of 16. Once again, Rain found himself with some downtime between his GSL matches and used it to compete in the 2015 Dreamhack Tours in France. At this tournament he would win Group N by defeating VeniVidiVins and Welmu, pitting him against Dayshi in the round of 32. He would defeat Dayshi 2-0, and then San 2-0 in the round of 16 before dropping out of the tournament in the quarterfinals to PartinG 3-0. Rain also competed in online cups and show matches throughout the year such as Hey, Look, Koreans!, SC2Improve Winter Series, Team Gravity Fight Night, and the ASL Prime Season 4. In ASL Prime he won against herO twice in Group F to be placed into Group B in the round of 16 where he beat MaSa and DongRaeGu. Rain would go on to beat notable players as Jaedong, Hydra, and Journey while on his way to capturing the championship and $2000.00! The GSL Code S Season 2 round of 16 began for Rain on June 5th where he would defeat INnoVation and Bbyong 2-0, but fall to sOs 1-2 in Group B. This was enough however to place Rain in the quarterfinals where he would be facing off versus Maru in a best of 5, which Rain would eventually win 3-1. He then Dispatched of Curious in the semifinals 4-2 which sent him to the grandfinals against ByuL. In what would be the most important series of his career, Rain lived up to his nickname and rolled over ByuL 4-1 winning the GSL Code S Season 2 Championship to become the first player ever to win a GSL Code S title while being on a foreign team. It was a big day for Rain, and an important date in history for mYinsanity! Rain had this to say about that fantastic moment…

“I felt so good when I had beaten Maru in the quarterfinals, and believed the continued PvZ practice I had prior to the match with ByuL made a huge difference. I’d like to thank everyone who helped to prepare me for this tournament. I am so proud

to have won a GSL Championship, thank you as well to all of my fans and for cheering for me”



mYinsanity’s Rain kissing the GSL Championship Trophy

Just days after winning the GSL Season 2 Championship, Rain traveled to Germany with fellow teammates Sacsri and PtitDrogo to compete in HomeStory Cup XI. In this laid back tournament, Rain defeated Snute and HuK in Group C to be seeded into the quarterfinals against MarineLorD, where he would win 3-1. In the semifinals, Rain took out GuMiho 3-0 which setup a friendly fire finals between him and fellow teammate Sacsri who had just come off a 3-2 series win over Jaedong. Sacsri being the selfless teammate he is, allowed Rain to win the series 4-2 and take home $10,000! In July, Rain would be participating in two leagues with the GSL Code S Season 3 and the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 both underway. In the GSL, Rain would defeat Hack and Losira in Group D in the round of 32 and move on to Group A in the round of 16. Rain went on to lose sets against Bbyong and Rogue in the round of 16, that would end his Season 3 run prematurely. In the SSL, Rain would advance through the qualifiers to play in the Challenge matches against TooDming. Unexpectedly, TooDming would forfeit his series versus Rain citing the ongoing MERS outbreak that was happening in South Korea. Rain now found himself in Group Dream of the Main Event where he would win by defeating Dear and Dream to move on to the quarterfinals. Rain then defeated Rogue 3-1, and moved on to the semifinals where he would eventually lose 3-4 to herO in a nail biting series. Weeks later, Rain would exact his revenge on herO at Dreamhack Stockholm where he would win 2-0 in the round of 32. He then went on to defeat TRUE in the round of 16 before being eliminated from the tournament by HyuN in the quarterfinals. Rain would end the 2015 WCS season with 5175 points and in 6th place which earned him a spot at Blizzcon in the WCS Grand Finals. In the round of 16, Rain would face off against Polt and squeak out a 3-2 series win that would setup a quarterfinals series versus sOs. Unfortunately Rain would lose 0-3 to sOs, who would eventually go on to capture the championship by defeating Life in the grand finals. This ended Rain’s tournament run in 2015, and everyone here at mYinsanity couldn’t be more proud of him and everything that he had achieved with us. In the end, Rain finished 2015 winning more than $68,000.00 in prize money!  

Rain has legions of fans cheering him on at every tournament


The Long Goodbye

As we near the end of an era in 2015, we would like to wish Rain the best of luck in whatever direction he may choose to go. He was an essential part of our team, and will be greatly missed. Below are some parting words from some staff as well as teammates of Rain’s as we say goodbye to a dear friend…  

“Rain’s been a wonderful player and teammate during his time on mYinsanity. He’s brought us two titles including one from the most prestigious league in the world, the GSL. I couldn’t be more proud to have had him on our team. He’s a funny, genuine guy and I’m so glad to have him as a friend. As we always say, once you’re part of the mYi family, you’re family for life. I wish him nothing but the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.” – Stefan “PengWin” Mott

“Rain has been that perfect player to pick up and to have on your team. When we started with mYi, we could not have dared to dream to have player like Rain on our team. In this year Rain has not disappointed once and was always a truly loyal and hard working player! I’d like to thank Rain from the whole management team for this glorious time. We are sad to part ways with Rain, but I can say to the fans of mYi that we will continue to be a premier team in StarCraft II. I am looking for a bright future ahead in 2016 both for Rain and mYinsanity.” – Cédric “Schloc” Schlosser


“My first time meeting Rain was when he poked me in the shoulder, and when I turned around he said ”you are cute”” – Max ”Smile” De la Fuente Bentin

“Rain always made the effort to communicate with me in regards to giving feedback or statements that I would include with articles. He is one of those premier players that would always make time for you, no matter how busy he was. I greatly appreciated that, and it made my job so much more easier. I’d also like to thank Sacsri for being our impromptu translator, we had some fun deciphering conversations. Good luck to you Rain in 2016, I wish you nothing but health and happiness.” – Kerry “Halcyon” Murray

“He gave me replays. I’d copy them.” – Théo “PtitDrogo” Freydière


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