KnowMe and mYinsanity part ways

It’s with a heavy Heart that we announce KnowMe’s departure from mYinsanity.

Steffen initially joined us as coach and manager of our Heroes oft he Storm team during their build-up period and stayed with us as a streamer and caster when they joined misfits a Year later.

In the past two years since picking him up, the Heroes of the Storm scene drastically changed and is now in a much more healthy place than it was.

We are happy that we had the chance to support KnowMe during this development and are looking forward to see him follow the path of the scene and grow even more successful in future.

We talked with KnowMe about his departure and his future plans:

Hello KnowMe, you’ve had a very varied path at mYinsanity, initially joining as a Coach and Manager for the Heroes of the Storm team and then transitioning into a streamer / caster position. What recent achievement are you the happiest about ?

Steffen “KnowMe” Fritzmeier :

In a way my history with mYinsanity is even longer. when i played Starcraft 2 professionally for different smaller teams, mYi was always one of the greatest european teams everybody looked up to and with that in mind joining the organisation certainly was a milestone for me.
About two years ago i originally wanted to form a new team with gerdamherd as support and me as tank player but he then found a lineup of 4 players in nurok darkmok crozzby and blumbi who already had a tank player.
At first that was sad for me and i thought i possibly could replace nurok or blumbi at one point, but when we joined mYi i already learned that they had an extremely high potential and i was on board with the idea to help them in becoming the best team in europe.
From the beginning the team looked strong but navi took crozzby from us, while gerdamherd had an offer from team liquid that he could not refuse. with that in mind it was not always easy to keep the rest of the team together and finding two more players that worked well with the rest of the lineup.
About a year ago the new mYi lineup with splendour and my old friend hasuobs actually had become the best team in europe and they were able to take a map from the korean teams in the global summer championship. obviously these are achievements that the players were able to gain but i played my role in getting them there which makes me proud.

While your time with us comes to an end, your stream and casting will continue as usual. What are your goals for the future ?

Steffen “KnowMe” Fritzmeier :

On a more personal level improving my stream and staying in contact with my community was always very important to me and it was difficult for me to handle the balancing act between competing on the highest level and dedicating as much time as possible to my stream.
In that regard becoming the official german caster for the hgc and covering several blizzard tournaments especially those at blizzcon are big personal achievements, and i will hopefully be able to continue casting these leagues and tournaments for the german community.
The last few months i had the perfect mix by playing semi profesionally in the open division while also finding enough time to commentate the hgc europe and the mid season brawl.
The urge to compete will certainly result in me joining another team at some point, be it as a player, coach, or manager, but in the next couple of weeks im mostly looking forward to casting the western clash on my channel august 4th to 6th.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview and your time with mYinsanity, we wish you all the best in future.


Follow KnowMe’s path through

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