Let’s have a talk with Marc “xshort1” Müller

Recently our CS:GO team won the Swiss National finals at Netgame without a single loss, defeating Maaischguet 3-0. Only days later, they qualified for the ESL Major league as they rebounded from being down 11-14 in the final map to defeat PolarPacket 16-14!

We had some time to catch up with Marc “xshort1” Müller who is widely known in the Swiss scene and has been a flagship of our current squad, about the team’s performance.

Marc joined the team after they had placed second at SwitzerLan, replacing “RadiaX” and in turn, taking away the AWP position from “emkey”. In hindsight it was a fantastic move that had an impact on our CS:GO team sweeping through the national finals and also qualifying for the ESL Major league, just two days after the breathtaking LAN event.

“xshort1” was able to place himself on top of the scoreboard most games, by not only playing his role as an AWP’er but also calling on specific maps he was accustomed to.


Two big wins in two days, how does that feel?
It does feel great, although it is still just another step closer to our real goal, which is becoming a great team internationally.


“I believe it is important that you feel confident in your play and that you do not fear taking risks”


Your individual results in both matches were amazing! You were always top-fragging, to hitting unbelievable shots not only with the AWP but also with the pistols. Were you training heavily before the events?
No, I didn’t practice a lot. I just have some standard routines I do everyday, like playing deathmatch for at least 150 AWP frags and 150 pistol frags per day. I believe it is important that you feel confident in your play and that you do not fear taking risks.



You played the finals of the Swiss Nationals on stage, the ESL Major league was viewed by 150+ viewers, did you feel nervous? Was the team mood different?
I was not nervous at all. I think I play even better when there are viewers, mainly because I want to prove to them that I am currently the best AWP’er in Switzerland. Our mood while playing in a LAN or some big games is positive throughout, we celebrate every important round win or action and I think this is really important to get your team going.


How did it feel when you realized you had won? Was there a big relief or just pure happiness?
For me it was a relief, since I failed to play well on my previous teams and mYinsanity took a chance on me. I really wanted to show them that I can be a strong player in their line-up.


“I want to prove to them that I am currently the best AWP’er in Switzerland”


How does the team and you specifically prepare for such important games? Do you have a fixed ritual you do before starting the game? Any shenanigans?
The most of us play deathmatch or 1v1 aim before such games. As for myself, I tend to just relax and listen to music, but there is no real ritual, nor shenanigans.


Looking forward to 2016, what are some goals you are looking to accomplish as a team?
We have not discussed our goals for 2016 yet, but we surely want to get better and attend some international lans.


Do you look up to any professional player’s in E-Sport’s?
I enjoy watching demos from “GuardiaN” or “FalleN”, as they have some really good game sense and are still able to keep their calm while almost singlehandedly carrying their team.


Let’s talk a bit about the last year in CS:GO, are you overall happy with the state of the game? We’ve seen Valve reverting the rifle and pistol changes, do you agree with that move? Would you like to see any changes in the game as it exists now?
I was really sad when they changed the movement speed while scoping on the AWP, and I would like that to be reverted. I dont really know about the rifle and pistol changes they reverted since I only played one match with that update.


What about a public test realm to preview future implementations?
That would be a great thing, I doubt they will implement it though.


This year’s best player is for me without a doubt, flusha


What was your favorite CS:GO moment this year? Who was in your opinion, the best team and the best player?
My favorite moment was the match between “EnVyUs” and “Gamers2” on de_inferno. I was impressed by the tactical approach “Gamers2” had in the game, combined with their raw skill. This year’s best player is for me without a doubt, “flusha”. He is a really quiet player and still puts up big numbers for his team every game he plays.


Closing out this interview, where do you see the team and yourself by the end of 2016?
I see us winning the Swiss Nationals again and surprising some international teams with our play.


Your last words, any shoutouts?
Thank you very much for all the support we received the last few days. We hope we can bring the Swiss scene forward, onto the international stage. #mYiFighting


2016 is the year where we will defend our title as “Swiss CS:GO champions”, as we look to give our team the possibility to visit international events and show everyone what a Swiss champion is made of. We’re gladly looking forward to these times and hope we will perform in the same manner as we did this year.
We would like to thank “xshort1” for the interview and wish him and his team the best of luck in the upcoming matches and tournaments.

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