Living the dream – mYi.Starcraft2 at Dreamhack: Leipzig!

2016 has already been shaping up into a different year. Blizzard released an article covering WCS 2016 on December 17th,2015. The article (Link: covers all the changes from prize pool distributions, WCS supported tournaments, Local tournament support, and much more! This will be an anticipation where old faces rising to challenges. New names appearing to stand ground and champions looking to reclaim their thrones.

However, looking to a more near future. On January 22nd, Dreamhack will be hosting it’s second event for the new Starcraft II Expansion “Legacy of the Void”, 2016 Dreamhack Open: Leipzig. The event will be held at the Messe Leipzig in Germany and it will feature a $50’000 prize pool as well as 5’000 WCS points.

  • 1st – $16,000 – 1,000 WCS Points

  • 2nd – $ 8,000 – 700 WCS Points

  • 3rd/4th -$ 5,000 – 450 WCS Points

  • 5th-8th – $2,000 – 300 WCS Points

  • 9th-16th – $1,000 – 150 WCS points

The first phase of the tournament will be a 64 person group stage. Each player will be divided into 16 total groups (4 players each). Each series will be a “best of 3” (Bo3) series- where the top 2 of each group will advance to the next stage of the event.

The second stage of the tournament will feature 64 players as well. 32 pre-seeded players have been determined, leaving the remaining 32 spots open for the players advancing out of the the stage. Divided into 16 groups (4 players each). Each series again will be a Bo3. The top 2 players from the stage of the tournament will advance to the final stage of the tournament (playoffs)

The final stage of the tournament will have the remaining 32 players divided among a single-elimination bracket, Where from the Round of 16 (Ro16) will be played as a Bo5 series. Once the final 2 have climbed out of their respected ends of the bracket, they will face-off in a Bo7 series, deciding the champion.

mYinsanity will be represented by a team of four players this time around:

  • Team Captain – Stefan “PengWin” Mott,

  • The Drone Killer – Théo “PtitDrogo” Freydière

  • Fabulous – Fabio “Zervas” Bügler

  • Rising Young Star – Joona “Serral” Sotala

mYinsanity players had a fantastic year in 2015. A few notable performances that stand out to this writer;

PtitDrogo’s back-to-back quarter finals finish in HomeStory Cup, Taking out players such as Hyun, TOP, Ryung and Scarlett. While Serral is coming of a great preformance in the recent Nation Wars, Taking 2nd place in wins with an impressive 10 wins. Not to take away the efforts of everyone else, they have all been working hard into the new expansion. Good luck and have fun guys!?

We also grabbed some short statements from Pengwin and PtitDrogo on their expectations for Dreamhack: Leipzig!


I’ve been practicing a lot more than usual for this Dreamhack, my training environnement atm is very good and I hope it will show at Dreamhack. I’m not 100% confident because there is still a lot of holes in my gameplay that are pretty hard to figure out and correct properly. With no dominant koreans, this Dreamhack is gonna be won by someone that’s ahead of the metagame compared to the others foreigners, and I hope my strategies are not completely retarded and will hopefully win

a few games.

Serral and PtitDrogo are going to be the main mYinsanity boys to watch going into Dreamhack Leipzig, with Serral fresh off of a tournament win at IeSF and an incredible showing at Nation Wars and PtitDrogo trying to build off of his top 8 finish at Homestory Cup. Both can consider themselves favorites to go far, especially with the new system barring most Koreans. Zervas and myself will be doing our best to make a run, but while we feel good about our current level, we’re not expecting to make too big of a splash


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