Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 Review

As mYinsanity’s partner in conquering the esports world, Logitech G has been providing our players with high quality gaming gear.

I have the pleasure of working together with some of our players to make several thorough and comprehensive reviews of our recently delivered gear. Today, we will be starting out with the Artemis Spectrum G933 Headset. Looking back at the success stories of the G35 and the G930, it’s understandable why we are excited to review this iteration. The review of the Artemis Spectrum will be done with the support of mYinsanity’s Rocket League player, Ben ‘Unibear’ Van der Kooij. Let’s get to work on the Logitech flagship headset!

First Impressions

What stands out first is the aesthetic of the headset. The contrast between colors is worked out nicely and they make the headset stand out. The RGB lighting effects, which are completely customizable, add some serious style points. The detail on the inlay of the ear cups put the finish on an already tailored looking headset.


The adaptable RGB lighting allows you to customize the headset to your liking. You can choose from 16.8 million colors and apply them to the lighting strip and the logo. You can assign color schemes individually to each side of the headset or simultaneously. Adding separate schemes depending on your current game is also a possibility with the Logitech Gaming Software. High quality materials have been used to manufacture the headset. The Artemis Spectrum has clearly been designed with longer gaming sessions in mind. The ear cups are made so they fit comfortably and to avoid putting pressure on the ear. You can detach the ear cups to clean them so you can take care of your headset.

The built-in microphone has been made with such care, that you might have trouble finding it at first. This does speak volumes about the attention to detail that has gone into the looks of the headset. The microphone has noise cancelling technology and you can use the telescoping wire to adapt it’s placement. You can put the microphone back into the headset if you are done with it or if you just don’t need to use it.


The “G” buttons on the side of the headset allow you to preset them to use during your gaming sessions. You can use them for direct action-combinations, to adapt music settings or change audio profiles without leaving the game. When you combine this with the use of the Logitech Gaming Software you can adapt audio settings for everything you might need. You can preset your preferences for certain games, music or watching movies. One feature specifically mentioned by Unibear was the combination of USB and analog connections, allowing you to mix audio streams. This is handy for the casual gamer who might want to listen to music while gaming, without disturbing anyone in the room or close by. It also helps streamers who want to listen to music while playing their chosen game and people who want to work with music and need to listen to different tracks of incoming music. The audio quality doesn’t suffer while doing this, which adds to the feature immensely. The Artemis Spectrum is not only useful for people playing on PC. The headset is compatible with PC, mobile platforms and consoles.


The G933 Artemis Spectrum is a strong all-rounder, capable of holding it’s own in all categories. The headset delivers clear audio on all fronts, be it movies, gaming or music. When asking Unibear about potential drawbacks to the headset he offered only one that might be an issue, which was the size of the headset. This has been a recurrent issue with some people, but Unibear himself hasn’t had any problem with the sizing so far. This specific nuisance seems to be very dependent on the person wearing it, so it’s hard to judge the headset on this. To get the full capabilities of the headset you should also install the Logitech Gaming Software. This does not only allow you to use those flashy lights, but it enables you to use the full functionality the Artemis Spectrum provides.

The Artemis Spectrum also has a little brother in the G633 Artemis Spectrum which we reviewed last year. The G633 provides all the functionality of the G933, but does so with wires only. You can check out the the Logitech website here for more information about the Artemis Spectrum and the other peripherals in the Logitech range.

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