Meet our CS:GO Team Manager – Sebastian “SebstR” Wollter

With the Counter Strike: GO season set to start in just a few days for mYinsanity's Swedish roster, I spoke with Team Manager Sebastian "SebstR" Wollter about how his team is looking to get the jump on their competition.

Do you mind stating your name and your position at mYinsanity?

Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’m currently working as the Team Manager for our Swedish CS:GO team.

What does your role as a Team Manager involve?

In short you could say that I’m the one holding all the strings regarding our team and it’s activities. I make sure that everything administrative around the team, e.g. the contact between mYi management and our team is working efficiently, as well as I’m responsible for the structure of how we practice efficiently, to give external and strategic insight to our gameplay, personal and professional development for the individuals and ensure that personal goals and ambitions are aligned on a team level. My personal focus lies mainly in team development and actually building a fully functional and successful team.

How is the team developing as a unit?

As we have just recently finalized our roster, played our first official matches as mYi and changed our IGL (in-game leader) – I can’t say that we have anything but a great future ahead of us. As always, it’s important to have our feet on the ground and not think ahead of where we are. We have a great journey ahead – but only if we fully understand the hard work it takes to get where we want to be.

Which tournaments or leagues will we be seeing the team participate in?

ESEA Season 24 and CEVO Season 12 leagues in combination with online tournaments and qualifiers.

Have you set any targets or goals for the team?

We take one match at a time and we’re only satisfied when we win. How many tournaments and leagues we will win and how far we’ll make it, will solely be based on the amount of hard work we actually put in. We have high expectations and therefore aim for the sky, even if it only puts us in the tree-tops.

Anything else you wish to add?

The team and I are looking forward to 2017 and are very thankful for the opportunity to test our wings in this fantastic organization. A special thanks to our partners, sponsors and everyone that’s following and cheering for us in the past and in our upcoming matches!


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