Meet the new mYinsanity League of Legends Team!

During the past few weeks, some may have already noticed a new League of Legends team playing under the name of mYinsanity.
Today we’re happy to officially announce them as a part of our family! We’re looking forward to see them playing in several tournaments such as the “Play In” matches for the Coke Zero Challenger League!
Winning a couple of Online Tournaments and having a great team setup, our new League of Legends team has set big goals for the upcoming Season.
With the former SK-Gaming member Philip “PAL” Leber as a coach, they have been ranked first on the EU West Team-Challenger league several times, recently qualifying for the Coke Zero Challenger League.
Finne Lasse Fries, also  known as Shadowmare was kind enough to have a short talk with us about the goals and the setup of the team.


Hey Shadowmare, thanks for giving us a bit of your time during your preperation for the Play In matches. Could you first introduce your team?

Alright, we’re a group of players from all around Europe. Our goal was to find five good, skilled individual players and form a stable team out of it. We were able to already win some small tournaments and gain around 500 Euros during these first weeks.
We’re currently placed on Rank 1 in the European team ladder. Besides this, every player is placed top 200 in the soloQ Ladder.

How did you come into contact with mYinsanity?

We had some friends from Switzerland which recommended mYinsanity, so we had a bit of luck. We did know the Organisation from Starcraft 2 and had a good feeling about it, since everything is handled very professionally.

We’re happy to hear that! What are your goals for the upcoming season? How do you think you can reach them?

We firstly would like to gain experience by taking part in all the amateur tournaments. On top of the list is the Dreamhack tournament and the Starladder. We’re currently trying to qualify ourselfes for the Coke Zero League. How we try to reach them? With A LOT of training, around 4 hours a day currently.

4 Hours sounds very dedicated,  how is your training usually structured?

We’re trying to play Scrims and afterwards we analyze the game together with our Coach. He tells us what we did wrong and what we could do the next time we’re in such a situation.

Does the Coach have other functions aswell?

Yes, he informs us about all the upcoming and potential tournaments. He creates Documents about all the teams to keep us informed about them. He does a very good job and brings in a lot of Experience from his former team. SK-Gaming. Besides him, our Manager who also was in the SK-Gaming team, works on getting good Scrim and training partners and handles all the organisational stuff.

Well then, there’s nothing to go wrong or?

So far, everything works out very well.  With the new Season, we have to work a bit on our Game Style, the early game is extremely important, this is a point we need to work at.

Alright! We would like to welcome you once again to our family, and wish you the best of luck for the upcoming matches.


Full roster:

Finne Lasse “ShadowmaRe” Fries (Captain)
Hicham “Purefect” Tazrhini
Karim “ImSoFresh” Bbahla
Vitalijus “Silver Carry” Bartoševičius
Algirdas “ChosenOne” Gricius


Make sure to give them a warm welcome and check out their upcoming games via twitter and facebook

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