Monkeloid joins the mYinsanity HearthStone team!

Drawn to competitive gaming his entire life, Monkeloid is full of passion and persistence, and we are proud to have him represent mYinsanity!

Today we strengthen our HearthStone lineup with the addition of Pim “Monkeloid” van Valkengoed! Growing up playing card games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, VS System and Poker, Pim has since focused all of his attention on HearthStone and the competitive scene surrounding it. He is currently ranked 59th in Europe and 79th in the World according to GosuGamers, and is extremely strong mechanically, while playing a more standard style of deck defined by the current meta. Monkeloid has also provided casting for ESL Benelux, WomboGG Invitational, and many other smaller LAN events.

Monkeloid’s accomplishments this year have been becoming Dutch Champion and representing the Netherlands at the IeSF 2016 World Championship, among many other respectful finishes…

1st – Sector one Redemption cup 2016
2nd – Mech Monday HCT points Tournament 2016
3rd – Breda Masters #3 2016
3rd – Nadlurz HCT points Tourmament 2016
5/8th – Soundblaster X tournament 2016
5/8th – Breda Masters #2 2016
5/8th – Esports Festival 2015
5/8th – Little john’s tournament 2016
5/8th – LLL invitational
5/8th – Sector one Invitational



Monkeloid had this to say about his time playing HearthStone and his goals for the future with mYinsanity…

“Hello my name is Pim, a Dutch HearthStone player. I have played this game since 2014 and have been a competitive player for two years now. I’m that guy who always wants to be the best when he starts playing a video game. It started when I was really young at the age of twelve. when I discovered the card game Yu-Gi-Oh. At this young age I had become one of the best players in the region and started to compete in several Dutch and European championships. When I got older and started studying, I left the game but my competitive mindset never left me. I started to play FIFA, and achieved Top 16 in an event with lots of international players, and also a Top 8 finish in the Dutch Championships in 2014. It did cost me too much time however, and I stopped playing this game.

In 2014 I was introduced to HearthStone by my friends. Because of my card game history I achieved Legend rank in a few months and started searching for tournaments. I competed for over 1.5 years but it was a struggle to get my big achievement. I lost the last 5 matches in qualification tournaments for big international events until August of this year! I became Dutch National champion and represented my country at the IeSF world championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This gave me such a confidence boost because finally my hard work was rewarded. Now I want more, and mYinsanity is a good next step to help me with that. They have great sponsors like Logitech G, Twitch, EsportClothing and G2A who all support many Esports related projects. I’m really happy that I can make the next step and I will work even harder to achieve my ultimate goal which is playing at BlizzCon 2017!

I also started streaming earlier this year and the main reason that I did this was to show people that I’m actually good at this game and that people could learn from me. I really enjoy the entertainment part of streaming as well. Interaction with the viewers, having fun and playing a game you love is a good mix of a great time at Twitch! I will continue streaming, and even stream more than before with the support from mYinsanity.

I hope I can achieve great things and will make my new team proud.”


Kerry “Halcyon” Murray, General Manager for mYinsanity welcomes the newest member to the team…

Monkeloid was recommended to me as someone who was looking for a team that could support him in achieving his international level goals. Having achieved great success in the Netherlands with his former team mCon, he already had a great foundation to build upon and so it was an easy decision to pick him up. With hard work and dedication, and with the help of our sponsors, I’m positive we can work together with Monkeloid to develop him into the player he’s always dreamed of being.


Check out Monkeloid in his first event representing mYinsanity at the Open Series of HearthStone Final hosted by Dutchrank, Fireside Gatherings and the Dutch StarCraft League! Being held at theater Castellum in Rijn, Netherlands on December 3rd, be sure to check it out in person or on Twitch!
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