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Today, mYinsanity is pleased to announce our newest acquisition to the mYinsanity Starcraft 2 Division, Jung “Balloon” Woo Joon! Balloon, formerly a Protoss of StarTale and a Code A competitor, announced his retirement from full time StarCraft in November to pursue studies, but has continued to play a great deal and has since switched to Random. Balloon will be studying in America as of next semester, and has been looking for a foreign team, finally settling on mYinsanity. As he is prioritizing his studies, we won’t be seeing him participate in as many offline events as teammates StarDust or Jjakji, but we are confident that Balloon will prove his worth both in WCS AM as well as team leagues. Balloon sat down with me for a short interview regarding joining mYinsanity.

Hi Balloon, thank you for doing this interview! Welcome to mYinsanity, how do you feel about joining our team?

I feel so good! I like watching sc2 leagues and when I saw mYi play in many leagues I always wanted to join mYi. It is an honor for me to join! 🙂

As a random player, you play all matchups. What are your favorite and least favorite matchups?

PvT is my favorite match up. I played Protoss when I was full time gamer in StarTale last year so my Protoss is the best of my races, and especially PvT is my highest winrate so I love it! No stress, so fun. My least favorite matchup is TvT because my APM is like 150-180 as Terran so it’s hard for me to play, especially vs Zerg, so I usually do mech and mech is sometimes a little bit boring so it’s my least favorite matchup.

What made you decide to change to playing Random?

When I played Protoss, I always thought that I was more talented with Zerg but it was hard to tell my team manager that I would switch my race, so I didn’t tell them that I can do better when I play Zerg. After I retired, I played Zerg for fun and I reached Korea GM after only 1 season laddering, so I know how to play Protoss and Zerg for now, and I decided because there are no GM random in Korea, I try to be the first random GM, and I got random GM and stayed random until now.

What are your goals for 2014?

My goal for now is qualifying for WCS AM Wildcard on April 19th. I go to America for college this year in August and I was wanted to do the qualifiers after August, but I made the decision to do wild card qualifier this season. There is a rule that you have to have 200 wins on NA server, and I decided to play the wild card only 9 days before the qualifier so I’m doing hard work on NA now. My other goal is to get many fans. I will stream a lot with some English commentary and play many team leagues, cheer for me! 😀

Thanks again for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any shoutouts?

I’m really happy to join mYi! Please follow me on twitter and follow my stream! Thank you to our sponsors, Bison and Esportsclothing.


We are excited to welcome our first Random player to our family, and we look forward to him showing us all what he is capable of in the near future.

Balloon streams his ladder sessions often with exceptional English commentary. Check out his stream at Twitch and make sure you follow his twitter @mYiBalloon!


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