mYinsanity at Blizzcon

Blizzcon is right around the corner, and with the WCS Round of 16 matches shaping up this weekend, it’s time we took a closer look at the competition that our boys Jjakji and StarDust will be facing.

Blizzcon is right around the corner, and with the WCS Round of 16 matches shaping up this weekend, it’s time we took a closer look at the competition that our boys Jjakji and StarDust will be facing. The WCS Global Finals are where the top 16 earners of WCS Points throughout 2014 will battle it out for a prize pool of $250’000. Let’s take a look at the paths of StarDust and Jjakji on their way to Anaheim.  

StarDust: WCS Rank 8 – 4800 Points

StarDust has had his most successful year in 2014 by far. With strong showings throughout WCS Europe’s seasons as well as multiple high placing finishes in WCS Partner events, he fought his way to Blizzcon. The highlight of his year remains his WCS Europe Season 2 championship, at which he claimed 2000 WCS points and $25’000 in prize money, but with the consistency shown through top 4 finishes at ASUS ROG, Dreamhack and Red Bull, he is far from a one hit wonder.  

Jjakji: WCS Rank 11 – 3475 Points

Jjakji has had a lackluster year in WCS Europe barring a top 4 finish in Season 1, which attests to how consistent his results outside of the WCS main events have been to enable him qualifying for the Global Finals. For proof of consistency, look no further than the fact that Jjakji has placed high enough to obtain WCS points from every one of the nine (!) major events he has attended this year outside of WCS Europe, including a second place at Dreamhack Moscow.  

StarDust vs MMA

StarDust will be starting his Blizzcon conquest versus none other than Acer’s MMA. With a battle between these two titans of the European scene, it’s

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interesting to note that despite both of them being absolute EU mainstays, they have not actually played at all in 2014 except for once in a Go4SC2 online cup (in which StarDust won 2-1). The two are both very evenly matched, and this matchup could go either way. With StarDust training in Korea recently though, we expect him to be in top form, and give him a slight edge vs MMA.  

San vs Jjakji

San versus Jjakji is a match that we are no strangers to in 2014, as they have met no less than three times. While Aligulac puts this match at a 60-40 advantage for Jjakji, this will be a difficult match as it is statistically his worst matchup. The last two times that the two met also went in favor of San, something that won’t make this any easier. Recently however, Jjakji seems to be looking up in the TvP matchup, having gone 9-2 in “best of” series in the past two months. San, on the other hand, has not defeated a Terran player since mid-August when he defeated Bunny and Morrow 2-1 apiece in WCS Europe. Given the recent results, we are inclined to agree with Aligulac in saying that this matchup should be in Jjakji’s favor. What do you think? Who’s gonna win it? Tell us in the comments section!  

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